If Illegals can vote in NYC elections, why not people from New Jersey? BIZARRO WORLD!!

illegalaliensSo, now citizenship is no longer a requirement to vote for the President of the United States? Perhaps, the next step will be to allow domestic dogs to vote, which of course will eventually be discriminatory to the Chihuahuas and other foreign breeds! You can make this stuff any more surreal!! Sickening….

New York City is pushing a bill which would let illegal aliens vote in city elections. But if people illegally there can vote, why not other people who are not there illegally, like people from New Jersey?

New legislation is being pushed that would give illegal aliens the right to vote in New York City’s 2017 elections for mayor, comptroller, public advocate, borough president and City Council, The Post has learned.

illegalaliens6“We want to expand the right to vote for everybody, not suppress the vote. What a radical idea,” said Bertha Lewis, head of the Black Institute, which is part of a coalition of immigration-rights groups campaigning for the bill.

Black Institute? Is that located near the White Institute? If you click thru to the article, by the way, you will see that “Bertha” is a guy dressed up as a girl. I hope he enjoys peeking in girls’ bathrooms!

There are an estimated 1.3 million noncitizen residents in the city, about 500,000 of whom are undocumented

I wonder how many undocumented cases of drunk driving, rape, murder, and theft the undocumented residents have committed.

Lewis, whose Black Institute advocates for African and Caribbean immigrants, said such rights should be expanded to cover the mostly minority, undocumented immigrants who work hard, raise families and contribute billions of dollars to the city’s economy.

obama3Except they don’t pay any taxes. And they use billions of dollars worth of free city services. And except for the cost of crime.

“People want to come out of the shadows,” Lewis said.

That’s why I wouldn’t walk outside at night in communities with illegal aliens–a lot of muggings.

So if people not legally in NYC can vote, why not other people not legal residents of NYC? What about people living in NJ? Maine? California? Australia? Zimbabwe? Like illegals, they are not proper residents of NYC either. I think everyone on the planet should be able to vote in New York City elections. If all the Chinese in China voted, maybe it would be an improvement, like Hong Kong.

Or maybe not.

This is insane and unconstitutional. I need to find a new nation to call my home!

New bill could give illegal aliens voting rights in New York City