In Baltimore, We’re All Freddie Gray – NYT BS

I am not Freddie Gray and I lived in Baltimore for a number of years. My family was originally from Baltimore and none of them would ever consider themselves Freddie Gray. I am also white and not ashamed, I feel no guilt for slavery and will not be forced by the State to have a racially balanced group of friends or be put in jail because I do not have currently any black, LBGT friends (though my brother turned himself into my sister and is likely overjoyed about the former Bruce Jenner, but we were not friends prior to his miraculous rebirth) not because I am racist or morally outraged by someone exercising their own personal rights over their bodies and their own associations, I just don’t know any right now. I do see a time when the PC police will insist that at any private party at a club or your own home that there be a racial, ethnic, religious and sexual orientation mix matching America’s. I will resist. I am not Freddie Grey.

This does not mean that I am not outraged not just by the apparent brutality of the Baltimore police, but by the rise of the brutality in the police state in general. I was, and remain outraged at the totally unjustified police states actions in the murder of women and children in the fires of Waco and equally outraged that the media and the American people seemed to be overjoyed by their deaths–no Al Sharpton’s then.

There have been countless examples of police brutality and even murder against whites in this country. If the outrage remains focused as the media and the State propaganda wishes it to be, upon only the racial aspects of the tyranny of the police of all stripes in this nation we will be losing the battle to preserve all of our freedoms, regardless of color, before it really ever even started.

Look at young, gentle Freddie’s rap sheet below and ask yourself again, are we all Freddie Gray?

BALTIMORE — AT the moment, what’s going on in Baltimore seems to be all about Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old black man who was viciously attacked by police officers on April 12 more or less because he looked at them. They subdued him; his spine was nearly severed, his voice box was smashed and he was hauled off in a police van, even after he requested medical attention multiple times. He died a week later as result.But it’s not only about Freddie Gray. Like him, I grew up in Baltimore, and I and everyone I know have similar stories, even if they happened to end a little differently. To us, the Baltimore Police Department is a group of terrorists, funded by our tax dollars, who beat on people in our community daily, almost never having to explain or pay for their actions. It’s gotten to the point that we don’t call cops unless we need a police report for an insurance claim.

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