In Just 60 Years, Neoliberal Capitalism Has Nearly Broken Planet Earth –By Jon Queally

In his address to the Agricultural Society in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on September 30, 1859, he finished with the story of the ancient eastern monarch’s search for a sentence that was “true and appropriate in all times and all situations.” What his wise men presented to him was, “And this too shall pass away.”

===A Free People’s Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future (Os Guinness)

Socioeconomic and environmental equilibrium will be achieved as the global ecosystem is a complex adaptive system wimage (2)here emergent order is constantly being generated. The laws of thermodynamics have assured human progress as all of our productivity, from the first primitive tool in the hands of earliest man to quantum computing is nothing but the more efficient use of energy in one form or another, its conservation. Yet, at the same time. these same laws result in the inevitable effluent of our energy consumption. From food to fuels we convert, as do all living things, energy from one form to another from, an ordered state to one of disorder, of entropic poison–whatever we eat to survive, whatever we produce to live and to consume from the essential to the totally gratuitous self absorbing the production of sewage and other forms of pollutants are an absolute certainty. All life, no matter how simple contributes to the formation of the poisons that will eventually constrain it. The certainty of our living is increased system entropy.

Finance capitalism is a creation of a phase of capitalism that is coming to an end and with its demise the expand or perish, advertising and credit led overcompensation of increasingly useless, infantile products that our civilization has been brainwashed into believing provide higher stages of humanities pleasure and comfort, will also evolve to the new, more sustainable homeostasis. It will not come from the hands of government as government, particularly that of the American Empire, has been the major reason finance capitalism has infected the world destroying, all cultures in its voracious path, it will arise from the collective will of free individuals and will be forged through the fires of the current systems inevitable coming collapse. Prepare for the chaos of the transition, free from corporate and government mind control and free from finance capitalism and the elite’s that own it absolute rule. We will be free, but not the result of the coercive arms of the police states that now rule us, but by the natural evolution of a dynamic system seeking what I call socioeconomic environmental homeostasis. Government should get of the way and let the current order collapse, as it has tried to do many times over the past few years.  

Humanity’s rapacious growth and accelerated energy needs over the last generation—particularly fed by an economic system that demands increasing levels of consumption and inputs of natural resources—are fast driving planetary systems towards their breaking point, according to a new pair of related studies.

Prepared by researchers at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, the first study looks specifically at how “four of nine planetary boundaries have now been crossed as a result of human activity.” Published in the journal Nature on Thursday, the 18 researchers involved with compiling evidence for the report—titled ‘Planetary Boundaries 2.0’—found that when it comes to climate change, species extinction and biodiversity loss, deforestation and other land-system changes, and altered biogeochemical cycles (such as changes to how key organic compounds like phosphorus and nitrogen are operating in the environment), the degradation that has already take place is driving the Earth System, as a whole, into a new state of imbalance.

“Transgressing a boundary increases the risk that human activities could inadvertently drive the Earth System into a much less hospitable state, damaging efforts to reduce poverty and leading to a deterioration of human well-being in many parts of the world, including wealthy countries,” said Professor Will Steffen, a researcher at the Centre and the Australian National University, Canberra, who was lead author for both studies.

In addition to the four boundaries that have already been crossed, the study looked five other ways in which the planetary systems are under assault by human activity. They include: stratospheric ozone depletion; ocean acidification; freshwater use; atmospheric aerosol loading (microscopic particles in the atmosphere that affect climate and living organisms); and the introduction of novel entities into ecosystems (e.g. organic pollutants, radioactive materials, nanomaterials, and micro-plastics).

“I don’t think we’ve broken the planet but we are creating a much more difficult world,” Sarah Cornell, another report author, told Reuters.

In this interview with Wired last year, Johan Rockström, executive director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, described the idea about planetary boundaries in details:

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