Inflation Adjusted Healthcare Costs 800% higher/person than in 1960

pajamaboysmakebelivegfOne should wonder what the Americans of 1960 would do if the cost of their health care increased 800%. However, one could more than assume that the generation that helped to free Europe from the horrors of the Nazis  and who bled on the beaches of Normandy to return to their country and rebuild its wartime economy into the world’s  economic powerhouse would not take it like the Americans of today. They would not bend over and take it from this administration . The lies, cover ups and disgusting excuses that exude from the Democrats in Washington, like the sewage pouring into the sea from the city of Rio, if broadcast without criticism by the mainstream media would have resulted in armed revolt and the burning of the presses.

fmVeoOuThe politicians and their sycophant crony capitalist puppet masters that have milked America, with full knowledge of the administration, would have been ousted and prosecuted for gross incompetence and criminality. But in the America of today we have been turned into sheep and seem willing to take our increasing peonage at the hands of the power elites with total abject servitude. This is what the past 60 plus years of an increasing percentage the American people’s reliance on government to provide for their every needs. Combined with intense indoctrination and propaganda by the progressive fascist left that intentionally, and very successfully, sought to castrate the people’s collective manhood with cultural Marxism in the guise of political correctness  and moral relativism has created a nation of eunuchs.

This is why the elites are not truly afraid of us yet. They know they still control the narrative and the emotions of the people they lord over. When it gets bad enough, however, and that time is very, very soon, the powerful of wealth and politics know that the last act of a free people, rebellion, will be put down with the coercive force of the police state.  Obamacare has always been an economic time bomb, that bomb is now about to explode.  

Cost of US healthcare now 800 higher per person than it was in 1960 even when adjusted for inflation

One of the most massive political scandals ever perpetuated on the American people was President Barack Obama’s healthcare “reform” law – one of the most onerous, under-performing and destructive pieces of legislation ever to be codified in U.S. statutes.

One of the biggest lies of all is that the 2,700 page plus behemoth was supposed to lower healthcare costs – for patients and hospitals, as well as for insurers. Out-of-pocket costs and premiums were also supposed to fall dramatically, as Obama promised repeatedly during his first campaign for the White House.

But that was then. Today, not only are premiums literally skyrocketing just a few years after the law has fully taken effect, but out-of-pocket expenses, mostly for ever growing insurance plan deductibles, have also grown exponentially.

Consider that in the U.S. today, a single trip to the emergency room – depending on the severity of your illness or injury – could easily top $30,000, $40,000, 50,000 or even more. If your plan has a high deductible, or if you simply cannot afford coverage regardless of Obamacare’s mandate that you have coverage, just one such visit could bankrupt you or doom you and your family to a lifetime of crippling economic despair – all while our president and the Democrats who helped him pass the law receive better plans, VIP treatment and government subsidies to pay for their own coverage.

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Cost of US healthcare now 800 higher per person than it was in 1960 even when adjusted for inflation

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