Inspector General’s Report Refutes All of Hillary Clinton’s Defenses & Clintonian Comrades, Crooks, Criminals, and Convicts II

Andrew Napolitano

Late last week, the inspector general of the State Department completed a year-long investigation into the use by Hillary Clinton of a private email server for all of her official government email as secretary of state. The investigation was launched when information technology officials at the State Department under Secretary of State John Kerry learned that Clinton paid an aide to migrate her public and secret State Department email streams away from their secured government venues and onto her own, non-secure server, which was stored in her home.

The migration of the secret email stream most likely constituted the crime of espionage — the failure to secure and preserve the secrecy of confidential, secret or top-secret materials.

The inspector general interviewed Clinton’s three immediate predecessors — Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice — and their former aides about their email practices. He learned that none of them used emails as extensively as Clinton, none used a private server and, though Powell and Rice occasionally replied to government emails using private accounts, none used a private account when dealing with state secrets.

Clinton and her former aides declined to cooperate with the inspector general, notwithstanding her oft-stated claim that she “can’t wait” to meet with officials and clear the air about her emails.

Inspector Generals Report Refutes All of Hillary Clintons Defenses For Using Private Email Server

Source: Inspector General’s Report Refutes All of Hillary Clinton’s Defenses For Using Private Email Server –

Clintonian Comrades, Crooks, Criminals, and Convicts II

By Michael Stanford Long

Bill and Hillary, the Robin Hoods of 501 (3) c Charitable Foundations: We take from the Rich and KEEP IT!  And do they ever, (particularly from the needy.) In 2013 their tax filing with the I.R.S listed a charitable distribution of $8.8 million. The minimum distribution in order to maintain tax exempt status, is 5% of the assets. The $8.8 million is but a hogs’ breath above the minimum requirements. That frugality paid off as the Clinton’s and their factotums were able to treat themselves to $8.448 million of first-class travel. Might any of that travel be used for electioneering? 

Well, before Lois Lerner received her honorable discharge from the I.R.S she was, if the reader recalls, in charge of the charitable foundations section of the I.R.S.(Coincidence?) Lois was a very busy Obama sycophant taking the 5th and dismantling The Tea Party. Did she have time to run an audit of the Clinton Fraudation? We all know the answer to that one —too busy.

All those obvious red flags were overlooked by loyal Lois, but not the accountants at Charity Navigator. The purpose of Charity Navigator is to monitor charitable organizations and assign ratings for the use of various donors. They refused to rate the Clinton Fraudation because of its inferior accounting of its assets, expenditures, and donor identification. (failed to identify foreign donors from 2010 –2012) In fact, since 2015 the Clinton Fraudation was hastily putting together revised tax returns for the previous five years.

The Charity Navigator is most aware of the “Charity Gap.” We all (Some) remember Kennedy and Nixon yammering over the “Missile Gap” back in 1960. Well, the Clinton Fraudation “Charity Gap” is a scam so simple that only the Clinton’s could get away with it. The “Charity Gap” is the difference between the amount of assets, the Fraudation takes, and the lesser amount reported to the I.R.S. Normally, underreported income is looked upon rather severely and dealt with in a very stern manner. I would make a wager that there are citizens now in prison for doing that exact same thing.

Possibly Lois Lerner’s, replacement is not so busy dismembering The Tea Party movement and would have time to perform a thorough audit. Quite doubtful however, as that is not the way things now work in Obama’s impeach-proof Washington D.C. there are certainly no gaps in Lover Bill’s speech making fees. Most presidents, the longer they are out of office, the feebler they and their speaking fees become. Not our Bill because he is either the greatest orator since Demosthenes, or Hillary Clinton became Sec. of State. Bill’s fees were actually in decline up until Hillary became Mme. Secretary.  Once she was installed, the fees started back up –sharply. (What, another coincidence?) The fees rose to the point where Bill nabbed a $700,000 fee and all the Big Macs and fries he could put away. What a speaker! What a Secretary of State!

All past presidents that rode the speaking circuit all suffered a diminution of speaking fees the longer they were out of office excluding Bill. Does this mean that Jimmy Carter really does pay the audience to be heard? This fee story is further enlivened by the day Frank McKenna, Vice Chairmen of TD Bank, of Canada, awoke one day and thought how he just had to have Bill Clinton give some speeches and pay him lots of money (US Dollars of course.) 

A bit of background is in order. The question of the XL Pipeline was before the environmental committee of the State Dept. run by coincidently, Bill’s wife Hillary. Meanwhile, TD Bank owned $1.6 Billion dollars of XL Pipeline shares and had loaned the company $993 million for a total investment of $2.593 Billion. Bill made a series of 10 speeches for TD Bank and earned himself a cool $1.8 million. Not bad for a few hours speaking like Demosthenes. 

In all events, the decision was stalled until Obama won the election of ’12 and then caved to the environmentalists. XL Pipeline lost out, TD sold their total stake in the pipeline and oddly enough, never hired Bill again. Hillary, back at Foggy Bottom, kept a low profile saying practically nothing about the pipeline. Since she was involved in the process, she couldn’t make a statement.

However, please recall that Obama vetoed the pipeline in spite of approval by the State Dept. and its 7-year environmental impact study. After all was more or less forgotten, Hillary was again asked to comment on the XL Pipeline. She couldn’t of course, she had been involved in the process (and was planning on running for President.)