Inspectors General: Obama Administration Obstructing Justice–WHY??

As I have mentioned in the past, it is hard to believe that the pervasive, almost totally ubiquitous corruption of the entire Obama administration, from the Oval office, the DOJ to practically every single administrative, overt and covert agency can ever be allowed to be investigated, nor any of the instigators of such corruption ever be put in a position where they might be brought to justice. There is an almost blasé arrogance about all of the known suspects to date, whom are very likely only the tip of the iceberg of the most massive criminal conspiracy ever perpetrated on this nation, perhaps greater than on any nation, that one wonders why.

Screen-Shot-2014-08-14-at-10.32.19-AM1-300x242Perhaps the hubris of power, of the liberal fascist aura of the invincible righteousness of their presumed unassailable perfection of mind and purpose creates a sense of overweening invincibility? Or, perhaps a more insidious subterfuge is at work in Washington.

Chaos reigns, chaos is the inevitable result of the collapse of a reigning empire, but it is also a tool for those seeking to maintain the vestiges of empire, the privileges of wealth and power as chaos is a broader, more pervasive and dangerous condition than a simple “crisis” that should “not be wasted” by the power elites who control us. Chaos generates the kind of fears in a civilization accustomed to order, real or fictitious, that will easily drive a nation of once free citizens to repudiate their rights, their freedoms and their independence for the succor, stability and order of dictatorship.

The fiction that is America, that is our “free” market economy and “unmanipulated” financial markets cannot hold in the face of the coming chaos and the power elites in Washington and Wall Street know this, unfortunately the rest of America will not realize it until it is too late.

BvSZJytCUAAwPQrBe aware of the coming chaos: it is possible there will be a terrorist attack prior to the November elections, it is possible that the plug could be pulled on the financial markets at anytime, as they are totally reliant on only one thing and one thing only, the continued support of central banks, particularly the one masterminding the levitation, the US Federal Reserve, it is also highly probable that the November elections themselves will be the most corrupted this nation has ever seen and with Eric Holder at the helm of the DOJ nothing, absolutely nothing will be done about it. The criminals in power must retain their power and all of the fake jockeying amongst the players on the stage of Washington are only factions of the same party, the Fascist Empire of the United States, playing a game simply over who grabs the most of the spoils of our national destruction. 

In an unprecedented letter, a majority of the federal government’s inspectors general (IGs) claim that the Obama administration is obstructing their investigations into government mismanagement and corruption. So much for President Obama’s claim that his would be the most transparent administration in history.

And it truly IS unprecedented. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, says “there has never been a letter even with a dozen IGs complaining” about such obstruction by an administration. The fact that the Justice Department’s IG, Michael Horowitz, also signed on is particularly revealing. After all, it is the duty of senior executive officers like Eric Holder to advise subordinate officials that they are obligated to cooperate with the IGs of their agencies.

On Aug. 5, 47 of the federal government’s 73 inspectors general, many of whom were appointed by President Obama, sent their letter to Issa, Sen. Thomas Carper (D-Del.), and the ranking members of the House Oversight and Government Reform and Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committees — essentially pleading with Congress to help the IGs do their jobs uncovering waste, mismanagement, fraud, and corruption within their respective agencies.

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