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Brilliant–must, must read. I look forward to reading Jo Withrow’s book-already downloaded ( God, I love my Kindle!)  My little blurb just prior was a totally unintended lead in to a far more substantive mind than mine….

 “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” – Friedrich Nietzsche  ( Recall, as well, the question asked by Erich Fromm, in his book “The Sane Society”, can entire civilizations become insane? The answer is obvious, that is if you can push your mind out of its “civilization” created BS.)

download (42)Modern society does not care much for the individual.  National interest, public policy, and the common good are held up as the ideal.  We still hear lip service paid to the individual rights of man on occasion, but only within the context of individual servitude towards one or another State-driven collective goal.  Of course these goals are presented as moral and upright, but there is a little catch – no one can truly opt-out of supporting the chosen goals.  The State, in all its benevolence, is going to take your money to support the collective goals of society whether you like it or not.

Sadly, most individuals buy right into their societal servitude because the default programming does such a great job of convincing individuals of their own ineptitude.  The default programming steers individuals away from their own interests and passions and funnels them onto the same “lifestyle path” on which they are pushed to “be a productive member of society”.

The government educational system is the leadoff hitter in the programming lineup and children have been relinquished to the educational blob at progressively earlier ages over time.  Kindergarten was developed to precede First Grade.  Then Preschool was developed to precede Kindergarten.  Now we have pre-Preschool in place to precede Preschool.  We guess they ran out of creative names for this last one.

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