IRS Under Fire for Targeting Breitbart News Network

This government is the most corrupt and insidiously destructive that has ever existed in the history of this nation, ever. Yet, where is the outrage? We have become so inured to the daily revelations of its flaunting of not only the laws of this nation and the entire ethical and moral framework, whose foundation stones are those upon which these laws were built, that we are numbed into a deadly docility that assures our continued path to a total tyranny. If you think November is going to change anything, you are going to be very unpleasantly surprised. But then again, perhaps not, as the delusional state must be the one preferred?

The Internal Revenue Service, already under investigation for illegally targeting conservative and tea party groups, recently audited the conservative Breitbart News Network in a move that the company says was politically motivated.

.@SenTedCruz called the audit of Breitbart News Network ‘a gross abuse of power.’

The IRS sought the company’s financial records from 2012, Fox News reported earlier today. relaunched that year with a more robust reporting team. Over the past two years, it has produced hard-hitting stories exposing scandals in the Obama administration.

The news drew a swift reaction from Breitbart’s leaders and prompted Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, to fire off a letter to the IRS demanding answers about the audit.

“For the IRS to behave like a partisan political organization, targeting media organizations whose views differ from the president’s, would represent a gross abuse of power,” Cruz said. “It would undermine the statutory mission and integrity of the IRS. And it would likely subject IRS employees to criminal prosecution.”

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