Is it time to view the Obama administration as a criminal enterprise?

“Be ashamed, ye Roman people everywhere, be ashamed of the lives you lead! … It is neither the strength of their bodies that makes the barbarians conquer, nor the weakness of our nature that makes us subject to defeat. Let no one think or persuade himself otherwise —- it is our vicious lives alone that have conquered us.” 

==On the Government of God: A Treatise 
wherein are shown by Argument and by 
Examples drawn from the Abandoned
 Society of the Times the Ways of GOD 
toward His Creatures (SALVIAN) ,400-490 AD

In summary, the human condition is an endemic turmoil rooted in the evolution processes that created us. The worst in our nature coexists with the best, and so it will ever be. To scrub it out, if such were possible, would make us less than human.

====The Social Conquest of Earth (Edward O. Wilson)

The answer is obvious, at least for those of us not yet completely lobotomized by the ideological scalpels held by racial and ethnic affinities and those who have expunged all rational thoughts with a self-radicalization of mind that, without any other absolutes of moral, ethical or religious bearing, would be totally lost without their ferocious, aggressive and contradictory illiberal willful blindness. And then, of course their are those so dependent on the State for survival that nothing short of torture could make them admit their entire belief system was built upon a total lie. Yes, the entire Obama administration is a criminal enterprise, but it is more a reflection in a mirror than most of us would like to admit, for America itself has become a criminal enterprise.

The State will always become a “criminal enterprise”, as its very existence, born through the powers of coercion inherently assumed from the very start, is based on theft. The theft of the freedoms of those over which it rules. It matters not what form of government taken. The brilliant American minds that designed what, for a very brief flash of glorious light, was an American Republic, with codified restraints which promised to end histories natural evolution, the evolution into tyranny. They failed.

Our entire imperial, fascist system is corrupt. So it should be expected that the adverse selection that has become the American political process would end up generating, at the end of its life, the most corrupt, arrogant and dangerously narcissistic administration in the history of the nation. The unrestrained, immoral State takes the natural weaknesses of all humanity, the evils that reside within us all, and provides them with a platform of justification, glorifying and amplifying the dark side of our natures. The State is nothing more than the voice of our own moral, ethical and human failings, but with a megaphone and, of course, a police force. “Let no one think or persuade himself otherwise–it is our vicious lives alone that have conquered us”

The original intent of America’s founding fathers was to design a form of governance that must ultimately do only one thing, one essential thing and that was to protect ourselves from ourselves. Despite the horrendous, totally barbaric acts of human degradation out of the Islamic Caliphate, it is too easy jump quickly, emotionally to our blinding heuristic biases and buy into our own national myths of purity, of that America, the shining light on the hill.

In order to ever regain our national soul, to attempt a rebirth from the ash heap of what our civilization has  become, we must admit to ourselves that we have also become the barbarians.

scream chSee a tree with 20 apples hanging on it and reasonable people conclude it’s an apple tree. So is it a criminal conspiracy when 20 government employees illegally destroy important official emails?

If that seems like an extreme question, consider the steadily accumulating evidence about the Obama administration’s modus operandi with potentially incriminating documents subpoenaed by Congress: A scandal erupts. Congressional hearings are held. Documents are requested and withheld. Subpoenas are issued. Contempt charges threatened. A few documents dribble out.

Then come the admissions that, oh by the way, emails required by multiple federal laws to be preserved have either been destroyed or “lost.”

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