Is Jeff Sessions A Total Deep State Spineless Weenie?

Are we totally screwed folks? Are we being led to the slaughter like the stupid, lobotomized sheep that we have all become? The crimes of the Obama administration, the crimes of the Clinton’s, the Bush’s and the entire cabal of Satanic despicable animals are beyond corrupt and the evidence of such more than overwhelming; they are legion; they are obvious and they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the laws of this land and the laws of God. 

As I have said for many years now, there is no one that has been swimming in the Washington cesspool of corruption, greed, blood and yet, shit for more than a year or two that is not without sin. It is virtually impossible. And those with knowledge of these sins have total power over all they survey, no matter how presumably powerful they may appear. Sessions, a Senator all of these many years, who hails from a state where corruption is about as common and expected as the unlimited coon hunting season is sacrosanct, could not have sneezed his way to even dog catcher on a hot August day without obliging the good folk of Alabama by participating in the sport of graft and corruption.  Hell, coon hunting is a no bag limit, all season sport and so is breaking the law and no politician would ever try to break with such a tradition. Never.

The insidious Deep State covert cabal has this man’s back so pressed against the wall his spine is protruding out his stomach. He is either playing the deftest con game ever seen in DC, or he is a total tool of those who carry his very life in their blood-soaked hands. We shall know with time; though I fear time is not the Presidents friend, nor anyone who still retains the values that once, long ago, filled this nation’s arteries with the elixir of freedom, the rule of law, and Judeo-Christian values. 


No Closed Season

May be hunted daytime or nighttime hours

Private Owned and Leased Lands: No Bag Limit

Open Permit-Public Land: 5 Per Party

No running of dogs during daytime or after 3:00 a.m. during and in areas of spring turkey season.

Check with USFS for further restrictions.