ISIS and the Coming Escalation in Iraq | Will the decaying West awaken in time?

A mere two and a half weeks ago, Falah Mustafa Bakir, the head of foreign relations for the KRG (Kurdish Regional Government), gave an interview to Vice News that contained several quite stunning statements (see below for details). At the time (i.e., in late July), the Kurdish Peshmerga had just taken over areas of Iraq that have been contested for a long time. Specifically, the Kurds regarded these areas – most important among them the oil-rich city of Kirkuk – as their territory.

There was an agreement that the status of Kirkuk would eventually be put to a vote, but Iraq’s central government kept delaying the promised referendum, probably because it suspected that the likely outcome would be a vote in favor of Kirkuk joining the autonomous Kurdish region. This would presumably have deprived Baghdad of a sizable chunk of oil revenue. So when ISIS conquered Mosul, the Kurdish Peshmerga took the opportunity to take over Kirkuk. The Iraqi army had already fled from the disputed region, so all the Peshmerga had to do was waltz in and move into the now deserted former Iraqi military bases (similar to ISIS, they also ended up with a nice chunk of Iraqi army equipment).

In late July, an uneasy truce obtained between the Kurds and ISIS. The general view on the ground was that ISIS could simply not afford to fight too many enemies at once. Moreover, rumor had it that ISIS and the KRG had worked out a sub rosa agreement to respect their respective areas of control and not tread on each other.

The interview with Bakir begins at approx. 0:50 in the video below. Several of his statements, as well as his demeanor and tone of voice strongly suggest that some kind of deal with ISIS did indeed exist at the time. Among other things, Bakir mentioned that the Iraqi army was lacking in morale, in spite of being extremely well equipped and in theory well trained, and that its dishonorable flight meant the Peshmerga had no reason to ever leave Kirkuk again. After all, so Bakir, if Baghdad really cared about Kirkuk, its army wouldn’t have turned tail and run away. Among his most stunning statements were however the following:

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Will the decaying West awaken in time?

If the religion and social philosophy of the Islamic State is equal in status to any other and perhaps superior to the religion espoused by dead, white Anglo-Saxons and Europeans as the imbeciles of the American PC liberal fascist mind might have us believe, the answer is no. An absolute no, not a relativistic meaningless no.

Let them war among themselves. Humanitarian interventionism has always been a total crock as a cover for American imperialism. America has destroyed more lives, bombed more homes and killed more children and either directly or, I am absolutely confident, indirectly through CIA trained proxies, tortured more civilians over the past 120 years of our imperial expansion than the Islamic State’s deranged leaders could ever dream of.

Perhaps it is time for America to stop our inhumane activities, end our wars and our supplying of arms to meet close to 75% of the world demand and be prepared to aggressively destroy only those who directly threaten our nation and our citizens. The rest of the world can take care of themselves, as they have for far, far longer than America has existed.

The Sunni and Shia are destined to do battle and at some point Iran will need to become directly engaged in this fight. America should stop choosing sides, particularly since our recent experience at doing so has been rather disastrous. Besides, the Arab lands without oil were nothing but sand, camels and nomadic people’s and we should be more than happy to let them return to their origins and become the insignificant, anachronistic people they once were. Without western armaments, mostly those manufactured by the United States, the army’s of the Islamic States would be attacking with scimitars and spears.

America should stop playing footsie with Vladimir Putin and back the powers that keep their populations under control such as Assad and his father before him have done for many years in Syria (and in a secular state at that)–the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The enemy is not Assad, it never has been. It was Russia and the veto of the Qatari gas pipeline that Russia was given by Assad in return for their protection. Who the hell cares about the radical, Islamist Sunni supporting Qataris Sheikdom and their damn pipeline, besides Halliburton and other US companies eager to build it?

We should have never turned against Gaddafi or Mubarak, the stupidity of these moves stands as a black mark on a long list of American stupidities!  If blame for the rise of the Islamic Caliphate must be placed, it should be placed at the feet of American interventionist meddling. Saddam was a far kinder ruler than the grotesque evil that now threatens to enslave the region and kill every living Christian. 

We should also understand, for Christs sake, we of all nations should understand, that Putin and Russia have some serious skin in the game on their border and an almost religious fervor to protect their assets in Eastern Ukraine and its Russian speaking populations. We should stop backing the Nazi, right-wing thugs in Kiev simply because they are “pro-EU”, read tied to the United States. The EU, NATO and the US should protect their immediate borders and stop the absurd game of geopolitical chess with a nation that can be a valuable ally against the insanity of radical Islam. Putin showed he knows how to do this in Chechnya. 

Despite our Presidents deep conviction that the Muslim nations have been such extraordinary contributors to world civilization, I have the distinct feeling that further such “contributions” will not be particularly missed. Anyone disagree?