Islamic state burn Jordanian pilot Maaz al-Kassasbeh alive while locked in a cage | Obama’s Religion of Peace!

Islam is the religion of the Devil, it is inherently evil and represents the greatest threat to civilized cultures than anything but our own self-destructive Imperial hubris. Time to bring on the armies of pigs–plane loads of pig shit dropped on radical Islamists? 

imagespigsJihad has only one meaning, armed, viscous struggle against all non-believers in the God of the anti-Christ “Prophet” of Evil Muhammad . Over 25% of American Muslims believe suicide bombings are justified (likely media biased to the low side). In Europe, over 70% of the Muslim populations believe in ISIS and violence against non-believers. Obama, thinks otherwise.

The absurdist, ideologically blinded, almost Kafkaesque American left also believes in the purity of Islam n matter how glaring the facts and they likely will until it is their children locked in cages and set on fire as it is unlikely they have the intellectual objectivity and moral fortitude to break with their PC multiculturalist moral and religious relativism even when the flames of Islam are burning their own flesh. Obama and his ilk are condemned to hell, if there is one–but should be condemned to some dark cave large enough to house the 10-20% of the American population that has succumbed to the most insidious disease of our times–multicultural, PC brain death.


This is Islam, folks. This poor man! The more barbaric, the more evil – the more the Muslims thrive on it. In a private survey in 2014 92% of Saudi’s agreed the Islamic state represented Islam and Islamic law accurately. Don’t forget that the third largest group of fighters in Isis are Palestinians.Now, why would anyone be so insane as to bring this disease into a country willingly, to trade with it, invest with it, create alliances with it? Only a complete barbarian collaborates with people like this and allows them residency and passports. Decision makers who gives residency to Muslims must be charged with treason.Let’s hope the Jordanians keep up their promise and execute every single jailed Isis member, and all their supporters and followers within the country.

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