‘Islamophobic’ murder of Muslim asylum seeker Khaled Idris Bahray in Germany was committed by Muslim Liberal Press Quite After Calling it Right-Wing

The quest for truth, it seems, has become more marginalized than ever before in our recent history. What does this bode for the future of truth in America? Are we doomed to live in a quasi-democracy in which the forms of freedom—such as elections—are preserved but the factual underpinnings essential to informed debate have substantially eroded? Will truth-seeking and truth-telling become mere artifacts of a simpler, more naïve time, when people actually cared about such quaint concepts as honesty, integrity, and accountability?

==935 Lies: The Future of Truth and the Decline of America’s Moral Integrity (Charles Lewis)

What does this revolutionary age demand of each of us? In trying to answer that, what matters most is to keep in mind that crucial distinction between us and the grains of sand on Per Bak’s slippery piles: we can act. We’re not just passive. We can choose what to do and what not to do. We don’t have to take what we’re being told unquestioningly. We don’t, and can’t, let the same people who got us into this disastrous misalignment with our world pull us further into danger. But making a difference demands that we do, in fact, act. We can no longer outsource our security or our foreign policy the way we might once have. The line between our lives and the world is ever more permeable. In our comfortable cars and houses, in our wealthy-looking nations and our secure-feeling businesses, we can’t delude ourselves about the facts: we’re in history now.

=The Age of the Unthinkable: Why the New World Disorder Constantly Surprises Us And What We Can Do About It (Joshua Cooper Ramo)

Glenn Carle, a former CIA analyst, described the tendency to “reject incongruous or contradictory facts as erroneous, because they do not conform to accepted reality….” The result was classic groupthink: one could always speak up—in principle—but the career consequences need hardly be spelled out.

===National Security and Double Government (Michael J. Glennon)

ebb3a791898f2dfe91e33a519b11a6d2a2b76931dbddad2bcefba75893eba39bAmazing how toned down international media is now, when the killed turns out to be just another Muslim asylum seeker. Prior to that they blamed “far right” and pelted on Pegida for inciting “hatred” and more or less being the problem behind the crime,.

Turns out, again as always, that it was just another Muslim murdering a Muslim. The exact reason why Pegida’s strength and numbers are growing.

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