It’s Happening: The Globalists & Deep State Are Going Down

We’ve covered 49 jurisdictions so far and we are up to 2, 524. There are 94 jurisdictions. So says an independent research organization. There are estimates that the number of sealed indictments now actually exceeds 4,200. See the spreadsheets documenting the indictments in Federal Courts across America. This is not Trump’s minions, it is the corrupt Deep State, Obama/Clinton/Soros/CIA corrupt, pedophile, child and drug trafficking Cabal. There are good people in the FBI and yes, even in the CIA. They have had enough and are now on the offensive.

The “swamp” extends all over this nation and is going to be taken down.  FBI Director Chris Wray has started cleaning out one of the most corrupt police agencies in America, if not the world. The CIA will also be purged when the time is right. Many of us who have been demanding action against the corrupt, the pedophiles, and the treasonous of the past administrations with that of the most recent representing the most egregious of all of them, as well as within the dark cavities of the covert agencies are about to see the results we have been demanding. 

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Director Wray Demotes Embattled Andrew McCabe; Internal Investigation Dubbed “Train Wreck” -True Pundit

FBI Director Christopher Wray has defrocked and demoted embattled deputy director Andrew McCabe, according to FBI sources. McCabe, who has been a lightning rod of controversy in the last two years, is no longer running the show at the FBI as far as manning his previous sweeping daily responsibilities. Under ex-FBI director James Comey, McCabe had unilateral control of the FBI, including counter-terrorism. According to sources, that is no longer the case. McCabe’s workload has been transferred among other Bureau hierarchy, according to FBI sources.

This internal demotion likely sets the stage for McCabe’s departure from the FBI, according to sources who say that an investigation by the United States Office of the Inspector General into McCabe’s dealings with Hillary Clinton’s campaign has yielded troubling revelations. McCabe still maintains his title as deputy director, however, he is no longer assuming the responsibilities that go with that title Sources said McCabe may currently be negotiating an amicable exit from the FBI. 

Wray, the newly-minted FBI director, was appointed by President Donald Trump. Wray decided to effectively demote McCabe and remove him from high-profile cases. McCabe has come under fire on many fronts in recent months. FBI sources said Wray no longer had confidence in McCabe’s ability to serve as second in command of the Bureau. One federal law enforcement source called the OIG probe into McCabe’s associations with the Hillary Clinton campaign a “train wreck.” One source said McCabe is on “borrowed time” at the FBI.

This weekends anti-Islamic terrorism conference of Muslim nations in the Islamic Military Alliance ( nicknamed the Arab NATO) is one of the more significant events in the fight against terror in many, many years. Created in 2015 by Mohammed Bin Salman, the Crown Prince now effectively in charge of Saudi Arabia, the special meeting generated a firm commitment to end the CIA/Deep State American led and financed Islamic terror campaign that has destabilized not only the Arab states but much of the world.  MBS has the full support of President Trump and now that the military has been given the mandate to truly destroy the CIA funded terrorists and their networks, the campaign is finally going to achieve its goals. There is fear in Mudville and Langley tonight.  The American night of the “long knives” is about to unfold. The truth will be very disturbing, if not gut-wrenching. 

Sealed Indictments of at Least 4000 Plus of the Corrupt  —                                                                                                   

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Salman has vowed to “wipe” terrorists from the “face of the earth” using resources available to the Islamic Military Alliance, a so-called ‘Arab NATO’ which claims to be targeting a “faceless enemy,” rather than any particular “sect” or “country.”

Formed in 2015 by then-deputy Crown Prince and defense minister of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, the IMA has so far only functioned on paper. Now the Crown Prince wants to take his brainchild to the next level by declaring a total “war against terrorism,” during the Sunday summit of IMA, also referred to as the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) or the “Arab NATO.”

“Today we start the pursuit of terrorism, and we see its defeat in many facets around, the world especially in Muslim countries… We will continue to fight it until we see its defeat,” Prince Mohammed bin Salman told defense ministers from nearly 40 Muslim-majority countries who have gathered in Saudi Arabia for the military coalition’s summit. “In past years, terrorism has been functioning in all of our countries… this ends today, with this alliance,” he declared in his opening remarks.

The “Islamic” alliance, officially comprising 41 member states, does not include any countries with Shia-dominated governments, such as Iran, Iraq or Syria. Due to the economic and diplomatic blockade of Qatar, which in June was accused by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain of sponsoring terrorism, Doha’s delegation was also not present at the summit in Riyadh.

The pan-Islamic Sunni-dominated front declared two years ago that it intends to also battle the use of Islam by terrorists, reaffirming this principle on Sunday. A retired Pakistani four-star General Raheel Sharif was appointed as commander-in-chief to lead the fight against radical extremists who continue to “tarnish” Islam.

“The biggest threat from terrorism and extremism is not only killing innocent people and spreading hate but tarnishing the reputation of our religion and distorting our belief,” the Crown Prince said. “We will not allow this to happen.” 

In May, during the Arab-Islamic-US Summit, the Saudi-led countries agreed to reserve up to 34,000 troops for potential anti-terrorist operations in Iraq and Syria. However, the key battles against terrorists in those countries are now all but over, as both Iraqi and Syrian militaries are finishing off the remnants of once organized terrorist fronts on their territories. The Islamic Military Alliance, however, maintains a different view, claiming that “terrorism represents a constant and growing challenge” to regional and international security. 

Saudi-led Arab NATO declares total war on terrorism Iran Iraq amp Syria not invited

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