It’s Time to Cry Fire in the Theater

It is astounding to me how many of my friends, family members and so many intelligent people that I know well as walking about as if the smoldering fires burning around them and those set to engulf this entire nation and the world as if the simmering flames are nothing more than a surreal entertainment of the mass media and cubist clowns dancing out a Kabuki performance on the stage of political theater that will not impact their cocooned existences. This is a distressing symptom of the level of our civilizational brainwashed complacency that will soon result in a systemic sepsis shock of awakening that will likely lead either to perpetual servile acceptance or a bloody revolt of mind and soul against an elite constructed reality that is nothing more than a cosmic lie.

I am afraid that the awaking is coming to late for most, perhaps for America and the world. The forces arrayed against us are legion, far deeper, corrupt and bloodthirsty to retain power than all but the most free can imagine. If you do not see the writing on the wall and understand it with more prescience than Belshazzar, you are likely to be slaughtered at the altar of gods of international cabal of the morally depraved. It is not some future risk, it is now. 

Source: It’s Time to Cry Fire in the Theater