JADE 2: Orwellian Artificial Intelligence Network Masters Human Domain

Please watch these videos, Jade Helm is far worse in reality than most imagine, even we who have escaped the Matrix and the net of propaganda and mind control thrown over most of the American population.

This is about as dystopian as it gets.

NPR, of course, is a tool of the system to throw cold dung on anyone who believes that the American government can not be trusted and that the word “conspiracy” is, as the CIA infectious meme initiated following the publication of the Warren Report in 1964, a word to be outlawed, as it likely will soon be here and in England, by law or media induced pressure.

jade-helm-logoInfowars, and many others, bought into the PSYOPS that is Jade Helm, it is not about a present plan to institute martial law in the various states deemed to be so coded for “extremist” round-ups in the intentionally leaked map, it is about testing and implementing the most insidious, freedom undermining, holistic AI driven tactical population surveillance and response technology ever imposed on humanity, let alone, on the American people.

All of our communications, every digit, every cell phone text, every entry on social media platforms, everything that the citizens of this nation do and even where they go is being monitored, digested and analysed by the Jade II systems whose lead contractor, Raytheon, has been developing since well before 9/11. The War State, the total Surveillance Police State and the Technocratic, Transnational State are one. Resistance is Futile, but we had better try or live with the reality that our children and, very likely, their children to follow will wonder what America was like before the boot-heels of tyranny were stomping on their faces.     

Raytheon’s Jade 2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) super computer network uses social media, drones, robotics and non-human enforcement to control and potentially assassinate American dissidents and patriots who continue to be loyal to the – corporately obsolete – US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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Source: JADE 2: Orwellian Artificial Intelligence Network Masters Human Domain « Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon