Jail the Bitch

jpgI apologize for my language, but I am not PC nor am I afraid (yet) of the NSA and looming tyranny of the American Fascist Empire’s police state. I just can’t take it anymore.

How is it that this evil, corrupt bitch of a woman is not behind bars, even still the lead candidate of the Democratic party?

And I will also add, so that my patriotism to the ideals of an America long dead is considered as unbiased as it can be as it is based on research and publicly available evidence; that both Clinton’s, both Bush’s, and at least a number of Reagan’s cabinet members, if not this false conservative God himself, perhaps all of our Presidents going back to  FDR whose Day of 712a2de2761ce061c9f129f4b7bc3254Infamy was his for the treasonous murder of Americans at Pearl Harbor and the many thousands that followed based on his lies, all deserved to be behind bars. At the very least, the bars of shame even if posthumously.

Our history is so warped by the power elites control of the narrative, from cradle to grave, that most of us TheHilldibeastlive in a bubble of myth, lies and self-serving propaganda.

But this is the now; if this “woman” does not get indicted America will truly be lost, for sacrificing the rule of law on the jagged rocks of power and politics is the most insidious and deadly of the many viruses infecting this nation. 

On New Year’s Eve, the State Department released 3,000 new Hillary Clinton chuckman-clintonhillary-germanuniform-aintoveruntiltheladyinthepantsuitsaysitisemails from her tenure as secretary of state. While much of the corporate media dove into investigating pointless gossip, Brad Hoff at the Levant Report decided to look for more clues into understanding the epic failure that was the 2011 war on Libya by the US and NATO.

What Hoff discovered in the emails was Secretary Clinton being briefed by a trusted advisor, Sidney Blumenthal, on a events in Libya where Clinton’s public statements appear to contradict her private understanding. The issues range from the early presence of special forces and al Qaida-linked militants on the ground to the material motivations of France (gold, oil). And, of course, more evidence that Clinton knew the claims about Qaddafi issuing Viagra to troops for rapes were bogus.

Emails Prove Hillary Knew Libyan Rebels Were Conducting Ethnic Cleansing Supported Them Anyway