John Kerry : New World Order, Skull & Bones, Stupid is as Stupid Does

pic30180 (1)As every American knows it is our inalienable right to be stupid and who should represent this better than the current Secretary of State? For he is, very likely, the stupidest human ever to occupy that particular seat. Of course, from the perspective of the powerful elites behind the throne of King Obama and his truly incompetent acolytes, the stupider the better. For the evidence of how the dumb and ignorant are adroitly manipulated by the various mechanisms of propaganda and mind control in America, we need look no further than our collective national selves. As The Obama eloquently says in the announcement of John Kerry as his choice for Secretary of State in the video below, it was as if he (Kerry) were bred for the job. ( Obama as well?) In a figurative way for sure, literally would be a stretch, but as FDR once said, nothing happens by chance in politics. 

Like G.W. Bush, Kerry was a Yale graduate and a member of the Skull and Bones and like W. he made his way through life on the basis of his social, wealth and political inheritance and not on intelligence nor on personal work ethic and moral or ethical fiber. If ever there was a Secretary of State without an independent thought in his Brontosaurus mind, Kerry is likely it. Besides the man’s overweening need to achieve some sort of recognition, if not just a modicum of relevance, it is very easy imagine that he was being directed so firmly that practically every word out of his mouth, when one of his prodigious feet was not in it, originated from those he reports to.

1229428960_kerry_ketchup_lies_xlargeCan it be that The Obama has such a mastery and control over the “hidden state” the foreign affairs professional bureaucracies found in the dim hallways of the State Department, the CIA, the Pentagon or the prominent brains of the Washington think tanks and the Council of Foreign Relations that have virtually dictated foreign policy to America’s Presidents, at least since Truman, that they have all succumbed to his godlike mastery of the world? Or are we just looking at an extended line of wooden figures dancing on the public stage for the consumption of the media and a dumbed down public that are controlled by puppet masters that have a much tighter, more cohesive plan for America in the Middle East than all of the hype about the disarray of the Obama administrations policies? The mistaken interpretation of Occam’s Razor, that the simplest answer is usually the best does not apply even in it popular vernacular, not in politics nor on the giant chess game currently being played by the wounded American empire.