John McCain: An Idiot Neocon–Owned and Controlled By the MIC

So, John McCain has a comparable intelligence to Maxine Waters? There is only one reason this shrimp of a man was ever rewarded the status of “war hero”; it was because his father was a senior admiral at the time of his capture and when he was released. He broadcast propaganda for the North Vietnamese when a prisoner of war. I have a hunch that he was the perfect mind control candidate for the CIA and the military industrial elites that profit from continuing wars, as he was primed and obviously very malleable. He is just another one of the many Manchurian Candidates that occupy seats of power in our government. He lost the election against Obama only because the hidden hands had a superior subject in the slimy orator from hell, but they don’t like to take chances. If, for some unforeseen reason McCain had, in fact, won the Oval Office they knew he was totally one of theirs. He is a fraud and a disgrace to this nation.  Just make sure there are no decks of cards in his pockets.