Kerry’s State Dept Sent MILLIONS To Daughter’s Group-These Criminals Will Never Submit to Prison

obama_mother_john_kerry-1How many millions is this walking, barely literate Lurch of a humanoid and well known pedophile worth? And yet, he sees fit to fuck the American people to the benefit of his daughter? Please, Please… America is Sodom and Gomorrah combined into one ugly cesspool of immoral corruption. From our sports figures to our politicians to even the beneficiary of $125 millions in bonus for ripping off the American people at one of our fucking too big to fail banks, to every corner of the massive kleptocracy dominated by the immoral sniveling pigs of our arrogant, “superior” elites, we are headed for a fate perhaps equal to that which descended upon those two ancient biblical cities, and deservedly so.

But understand this, and I know I repeat ad nauseum, those in power today and those criminals retired to their estates in Kennebunkport or wherever these animals live, will never relinquish power. We must rise up and revolt against them now. Can you not hear the chains of our slavery clinking down your road? Wake the Hell UP.

Govt officials met with Vanessa Kerry to secure her nonprofit millions of taxpayer dollars!!

More than $9 million of Department of State money has been funneled through the Peace Corps to a nonprofit foundation started and run by Secretary of State John Kerry’s daughter, documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation show.

The Department of State funded a Peace Corps program created by Dr. Vanessa Kerry and officials from both agencies, records show. The Peace Corps then awarded the money without competition to a nonprofit Kerry created for the program.

Initially, the Peace Corps awarded Kerry’s group — now called Seed Global Health — with a three-year contract worth $2 million of State Department money on Sept. 10, 2012, documents show. Her father was then the chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, which oversees both the Department of State and the Peace Corps.

Seed secured a four-year extension in September 2015, again without competition. This time, the Peace Corps gave the nonprofit $6.4 million provided by the Department of State while John Kerry was secretary of state.

Seed also received almost $1 million from a modification to the first award, as well as from Department of State funds the group secured outside the Peace Corps.


                             Source: Kerry’s State Dept Sent MILLIONS To Daughter’s Group | The Daily Caller