We Are Killing Our Oceans: Chemicals, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Radioactivity and Military

images oceanInstead of Al Gore making hundreds of millions of dollars on the carbon fraud, how about banning Roundup and other pesticides? But Monsanto is too big a contributor to the campaign coffers of Congress. Reducing the effluent of chemicals, fertilizers and even pharmaceuticals that are now polluting our oceans should be the top priority, but these industries control our Congress and most of the politicians of the world. And what about radioactive wastes from Fukushima, from the Hanford waste site that is radically being underreported by the mainstream press (again)?

While the elites make billions off of the Co2 global climate scare, the industrial polluters go unsacthed. Then of course, one has to seriously doubt the government’s sincerity over the environment as they blatantly destroy the Pacific oceans wildlife in the pursuit of full spectrum dominance. 

I have not even touched the subject of chemtrails–which I do believe is a valid and important issue that most do not even remotely wish to ponder. If a government was willing to poison whole sections of St. Louis with radioactive particles, what great moral transformation has occurred since? If anything, we have degraded our ethical and moral fiber even further. 

Save the Pacific: End the Empire

Facts about increased Navy ocean activity in the Pacific Northwest – West Coast Action Alliance

It’s obvious even to tourists that the increase in Navy activity in our Northwest waters, public lands, and skies is huge. But how big? The USS-Stethem-fires-a-Harpoon-missile-during-a-sinking-exercise-on-Sept-15-2014.-300x200West Coast Action Alliance examined the Navy’s Northwest Training and Testing EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) and the Letters of Authorization  for incidental takes of marine mammals issued by NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service. We found some startling numbers. These numbers apply only to the coastal waters of Northern California, Oregon, Washington and Southeast Alaska, as well as inland waters including the San Juan Islands, Puget Sound, Hood Canal, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

First, a comparison of baseline to proposed numbers of activities listed in the October 2015 EIS revealed the following:

72% increase in electronic warfare operations,

50% increase in explosive ordnance disposal in Crescent Harbor and Hood Canal,

244% increase in air combat maneuvers (dogfighting)

lfasign400% increase in air-to-surface missile exercises (including Olympic National Marine Sanctuary),

400% increase in helicopter tracking exercises,

778% increase in number of torpedoes in inland waters,

3,500% increase in number of sonobuoys,

From none to 284 sonar testing events in inland waters,

From none to 286 “Maritime Security Operations” using 1,320 small-caliber rounds (blanks) in Hood Canal, Dabob Bay, Puget Sound & Strait of Juan de Fuca,

72% increase in chaff dropped from aircraft (contains tiny glass fibers and more than a dozen metals,)

1,150% increase in drone aircraft,

1,150% increase in drone surface vehicles,

1,450% increase in expendable devices. These are just a few.

Facts about increased Navy ocean activity in the Pacific Northwest

Source: Facts about increased Navy ocean activity in the Pacific Northwest – West Coast Action Alliance

980xThe United States military has become a runaway juggernaut of environmental devastation and destruction. From the global climate engineering assault (that is poisoning the entire planet and ripping Earth’s climate and life support systems apart), to the insane, blatant, and willful slaughter of ocean life, the actions of our military are truly beyond rational comprehension. Though many have chosen to primarily blame Fukushima fallout for the shocking North American west coast marine life collapse, there is much more to the story.

How bad is the die-off? 

The US Military’s Willful Slaughter Of Life In The Pacific Ocean

When it comes to getting its way with war-gaming in the Pacific Northwest, nobody is better at the concept of “distributed lethality” than the US Navy. In 2015, the Navy introduced this concept “that promised to add more fire power to all manner of Navy vessels and operate them in a way that would spread thin enemy defenses.” The Navy seems determined to move forward with planned military activities like increasing jet dogfighting, electromagnetic warfare training and other actions, regardless of how many animals it kills. Internal emails show how the Navy has been working to manipulate the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) biologists into bending the law, then proceeded to break the law, whilst the consultations between the two entities are ongoing.

Exclusive Emails Reveal Navys Intent to Break Law Threatening Endangered Wildlife

Dead Fish, Dying Planet, and Dangerous Denial – Zen Gardner

6t1-450x270Fish are dying, wildlife is dying, the entire web of life is dying, but willful denial of verifiable realities continues to thrive. The global fish die-off is already beyond catastrophic, but the “experts” seem to have little to offer in the way of answers. Why? Because those in power are largely in control of the chessboard, at least for the moment. Those who print the money (the bankers) control militaries, countries, and every imaginable institution down the line. How can we expect the paid “experts” to disclose the true severity of what we collectively face (and the true causes behind the converging catastrophes) when their paychecks and pensions almost always depend on them not disclosing the whole truth?

Dead Fish Dying Planet and Dangerous Denial

Source: Dead Fish, Dying Planet, and Dangerous Denial – Zen Gardner