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Turkey would no more help the Kurd’s than Obama would protect our nation’s borders. It is total lie that they are on “our” side. But then again, if you do not question whose side we are really on you are among the programmed zombies of the American industrial strength propaganda machinery enjoying the comforts of ignorance. 

“Listen listen! Do you hear those planes?” We were sitting around drinking çay in the village of Measêr, which is situated a couple of kilometres from the Syrian border, with Kobane in full view. Muhammad’s whole body shook with excitement at the sound coming from the sky. As it became more audible, we scrambled up onto the roof of the mosque to get a better view in the hope of seeing an airstrike hit eastern Kobane again. But no airstrike came. “Maybe it’s the airdrop!” Muhammad proclaimed with a gleeful smile. Everybody laughed it off as wishful thinking.

That was Sunday night. News reached the world on Monday morning that an airdrop by Coalition forces of 27 bundles of arms, ammunition and medical aid had been delivered successfully to the YPG in Kobane. Finally, the long awaited, much-needed arms had been delivered to the YPG guerrillas, much to the dismay of Turkey. All morning, people in the village received the news with satisfaction, proclaiming “Long live Obama.”

The night before, there had been heavy bombardment of ISIS positions, and the windows of the village had shaken all night from the impact. It was the most fighting in over a week, people claimed. Everyone was worried as news of an ISIS offensive to take Murşitpınar border reached us. “They [ISIS] must have brought reinforcements from Raqqa. Why can’t we [YPG] have some reinforcements”, one villager told me as we stood in a long line watching Kobane from the edge of the village.

The village of Measêr, where I have been staying for the last four days, is no more than a few dozen houses and farmland surrounding it. But for the last few weeks, it has been villages like these which have become networks of solidarity and resistance. Kurds from across Turkish Kurdistan have come to show their support for the YPG. By day, they mingle in different groups, drinking çay and endlessly debating the situation in Kobane. At night, they stand guard to monitor the Turkish military and to prevent ISIS jihadists from crossing into Syria. Just last week, in another border village, the night-watchmen had caught three people trying to go to Syria to join ISIS. They were prevented from crossing. Later that same night, the Turkish police had come and arrested the Kurds who had prevented the free passage of the jihadists into Syria.

“This shows ISIS are working with the Turkish state”, a Kurd who had come from Diyarbakir said, “why else would the police come right after ISIS had been refused to pass through the village.” Here, it is common knowledge that Turkey actively supports the Islamic State’s activities. And the evidence is compelling: a Turkish news channel showed the Turkish military allowing jihadists to cross the border into Syria. Many witnesses saw a train cross the Turkish border into Syria under the supervision of the Turkish army. Some jihadists have openly stated that, “Erdoğan helped us.”

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