LaLa..LaLa La!

I have been absent from for the past several weeks as I dealt with a totally blown hip and subsequent surgery. Pain and Oxy have constrained my productive desires, but not my ability to observe the rapidly deteriorating geopolitical and social landscape. Chaos is what I predicted for 2016 several years ago and chaos is what we have. The problem is that it is going to accelerate rapidly from here into a cauldron of such total decay and entropy that the final solution, a total police state, is all but inevitable.

They Cannot Let Trump Into the White House. They Cannot and Will Not Lose Power and Control.

Expect War, Massive Domestic False Flag Terror that Will Dwarf 9/11, Expect Hillary to Die Prior to the Election,  Expect Riots and Civil Destruction on Both Coasts, Expect COG to be Imposed by Obama and Martial Law Across America. This is the end game.

More to come when I am just a tad better.

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