Lead lawyer suing Obama gives electrifying speech that every American needs to hear! – BizPac Review

Terrific speech from a traditionally liberal legal mind. However, the defense of the American Constitution and the rule of law should know no party loyalty, but the faith and commitment of all citizens, most importantly from those that sit among the highest seats of power in either of the three branches of government. But,  of course, this really has not been the case since the Lincoln, perhaps not since the death of the nations founders and perhaps one son. If one really pushes it, the parchment was obviated almost from the very start. It is hard to imagine that the spiteful Alien and Sedition Act was designed around the principles that had been penned only 11 years prior. The laws of entropy apparently hold for our founding document as well–everything decays and migrates towards chaos and thermodynamic death. The Constitution and America.

But Turley is always worthy of listening to.

One of the country’s most outspoken legal critics of presidential overreach announced Tuesday that he will represent the House of Representatives in its lawsuit against President Obama for usurping its powers, and if the public record is any guide, John Boehner might have finally found his man in high-powered attorney Jonathan Turley.

Boehner, the Ohio Republican and speaker of the House of Representatives, had already run through two lawyers who backed out because the case was “too politically charged,” the Washington Examiner reported.

But judging by a powerful 8 minutes of testimony Turley delivered in July to the House Rule Committee, Turley considers Boehner’s challenge to the president beyond politics. At stake, he warned, is the constitutional system the Founders created.

Turley is best known as a “liberal lawyer,” who frequently challenged President Bush during his presidency and in 2011 represented 10 House members who challenged Obama’s authority to “lead from behind” in Libya without congressional approval.

He even admitted voting for Obama at least once, in 2008. But forget all that for a few minutes, and listen to a speech that’s both sobering and electrifying at the same time — and one that should be written on every American senator and representative’s wall.

It’s the least they can do. For more than 200 years, and around the world, better Americans than they have been writing it in blood.

Lead lawyer suing Obama gives electrifying speech that every American needs to hear! – BizPac Review.