Leon Panetta says Obama helped ISIS grow by ignoring advice to arm Syrian rebels | The play is being acted so damn well, is it not?

Secrecy—what diplomatically is called “discretion,” as well as the arcana imperii, the mysteries of government—and deception, the deliberate falsehood and the outright lie used as legitimate means to achieve political ends, have been with us since the beginning of recorded history. Truthfulness has never been counted among the political virtues, and lies have always been regarded as justifiable tools in political dealings.

Lies are often much more plausible, more appealing to reason, than reality, since the liar has the great advantage of knowing beforehand what the audience wishes or expects to hear. He has prepared his story for public consumption with a careful eye to making it credible, whereas reality has the disconcerting habit of confronting us with the unexpected, for which we were not prepared.

In other words, the deliberate denial of factual truth—the ability to lie—and the capacity to change facts—the ability to act—are interconnected; they owe their existence to the same source: imagination.

Half of politics is “image-making” and the other half the art of making people believe in the imagery,

—-Crises of the Republic: Lying in Politics; Civil Disobedience; On Violence; Thoughts on Politics and Revolution (Hannah Arendt)

Once the invisible government chooses someone to become president, the instruments of corporate power distort the news to protect the chosen one. The people are only allowed to participate by voting, which is why so many no longer bother. Who will win is decided long before election day. The CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) and TC (Trilateral Commission) don’t care which party elects the president, as long as they control each candidate and the people continue to be fooled. The system guarantees a corrupt leadership and a disillusioned populace. 

—-Treason, the New World Order

Although the crisis of democracy is widely acknowledged, there is virtually no criticism of the democratic system itself. There is virtually no one who blames democracy as such for the problems we are experiencing.

It is no exaggeration to say that democracy has become a religion – a modern, secular religion. You could call it the largest faith on earth.This belief in the God of democracy is closely linked to the worship of the national democratic state that arose in the course of the 19th century. God and the Church were replaced with the State as society’s Holy Father. Democratic elections are the ritual by which we pray to the State for employment, shelter, health, security, education.We have absolute faith in this Democratic State. We believe He can take care of everything. He is the rewarder, the judge, the all-knowing, the almighty. We even expect Him to solve all our personal and social problems.

—Beyond Democracy (Karel Beckman and Frank Karsten)


How astounding is the machinery of deception and how gullible we all seem to be. This is all a well acted play, with the leading actors former and current Obama administration figures from former Secretary’s of Defense to currently active senior generals and of course the totally compliant baboons of the national media, with the most important actor being the best of the best, the Obama.

Kabuki Dance featuring Bando Kotji with live music at Japan SocietyAt this point President Obama is already dreaming of being former President Obama, traveling the world making many millions of dollars earning absurd speaking fees from adoring crowds of his own choosing and following in the path of The Bill, while his wife (presumably a female) does the same with, perhaps, a nationally syndicated TV series on child nutrition added in for the extra needed bucks. This charade then is all about 2016.

It is all about the globalists and corporate overseers wet dream becoming the next president, Hillary Clinton. The reluctant warrior Obama can remain the peace loving socialist dreamer while Hillary makes the final push for the corporate and finance powers completed domination, no matter how many lives are lost, ruined and freedoms destroyed. The game has been laid out well, as it should be, for the dream has existed for hundreds of years.

The American people lap this BS up, unable to see that they are being played the fool in this complex, very well executed plan. We do not have a republic, we do not even have a democracy, what we have is a Kleptocracy seeking to destroy the last vestiges of our free will and the enslavement of our minds. But don’t worry the new iPhone 6 is totally awesome!!!

Former Obama administration Pentagon chief Leon Panetta said Sunday that the president overruled nearly his entire national security team and decided not to arm moderate Syrian rebel groups early on, a decision that helped the ISIS terror army gain power.

Panetta also said he favored leaving a residual force of U.S. troops behind in Iraq instead of withdrawing them, another opinion Obama ignored.

Panetta, who was Obama’s CIA director for two years before leading the Pentagon for two more, told CBS News that entering the Syria conflict earlier, and ensuring that moderate groups gained power instead of the most extreme jihadi elements, could have prevented ISIS from growing and prospering.

‘I think that would’ve helped,’ Panetta said. ‘And I think, in part, we pay the price for not doing that in what we see happening with ISIS.’

And a less complete troop pullout in Iraq ‘would’ve given us greater leverage over Iraq’s government,’ he emphasized.

via Leon Panetta says Obama helped ISIS grow by ignoring advice to arm Syrian rebels | Daily Mail Online.

Leon Panetta Turns on Obama Over Failure to Maintain U.S. Troops in Iraq ( What a total crock–timing is everything. The golden carpet is being laid out for the Queen–so damn obvious no one seems to see it. If you believe that Fox News is not part of the corporatist cabal playing the opposition,  yet war mongering role, stop and really think–money, power, profits–to whom?)