The Lost Children of the Left |Fascists in Breeding

download (95)What is destroying America today is the ideological collectivism taught in our schools for the past 100 years, and its push to a New World Order. This push has resulted in the formation of powerful globalist groups such as the 5,000-member Council on Foreign Relations in New York and the 400-member Trilateral Commission in Washington. CFR elites have comprised the bulk of every presidential administration for the past 85 years, along with Trilateral elites since 1973.

The Lost Children of the Left

While Blacks kill Blacks at unheard of rates in Chicago, the city of Rahm Emanuel, Bill Ayers and Barack Obama, the Black Lives Matters Fascists disrupt the rights of Americans, of free speech and everything that allows them to not be incarcerated by the law for their racist, fascist opinions. Black Lives Matter is just another front for the socialist fascists that are taking over this nation at an alarming speed.

To hell with them. All lives Matter!


-Rise of The Pantywaist Fascists Mizzou Police Want Hateful or Hurtful Speech Reported