Louis Farrakhan Understands American History Better Than 99.9% of the American People!!!!

No matter what this man has said in the past or will say in the future,  his grasp of the evils of both the Federal Reserve and Hillary Clinton are absolutely correct. Furthermore, Farrakhan’s knowledge of the international banking cartel and the powers held by the most prominent of the financial elites over America, governments  around the world. He knows more about global central banking, the Federal Reserve, its creation, machinations and the players that created and still control it than 99.9% of the American population. Despite underlying hints of antisemitism, the facts are the facts, the players are the players and he is dead on with every aspect of how the Federal Reserve Act came into being, astoundingly correct.

Also, his insights into the corruption of the American power elite’s systematic looting of America are equally so. In fact, so accurate are his comments in this speech that it is a good thing for his health that he is relegated to a position tantamount to being invisible by the American media.

It is very, very much worth listening to in full and for those uninformed about American financial history, a must. Of course, he is also correct on Hillary, she is Satan.

Farrakhan: Don’t Fall For ‘Satan’ Hillary Clinton’s ‘Crap’

by Pam Key 28 Feb 2016 2,075

Sunday at the Nation of Islam’s, Louis Farrakhan said don’t “fall” for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s “crap” on African-American issues because she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton are responsible for mass incarceration of black people.

Farrakhan said, “How many of you are going to vote for Hillary Clinton? You don’t have to raise your hands. I do not blame you for wanting a female president, but that is a wicked woman. She can be sweet but so can you. And you know when you are sweet but playing a game.  All of a sudden she knows about Trayvon Martin. All of a sudden—the boy’s been dead two years now—she talking about him like she met the mother and oh…  White people this is Satan. And you fall for that crap?

Most of you went to jail for having a little blunt. They arranged that—the Clintons. Mass incarceration  came about under the Clintons, Don’t forget that. They call my young gang bangers super predators. And Black Lives Matter put it to her—she didn’t know how to handle that. Call you a super predator, that has no conscience, no sense of  dignity like you are a dog, an animal. She gotta bring you to heal you my young brothers. This is what she said about you and she didn’t just say it—it became law and policy of the U.S. government under Bill Clinton and his wife, and now she is apologizing, but apologizing can’t bring back the broken families. Apologizing can’t bring back those that been destroyed in prison life.”