Macron’s Defeat in Paris Sounds Alarm for Europe – And Great News For Europeans!

Great news! The Globalists are on the defensive. However, as with the battle between the corrupt and evil Deep State in America, the response may very well be war.

To most historians, the 30 years war between 1618 & 1648, mostly fought in central Europe was the bloodiest and most deadly war per capita ever fought. Yet, to Henry Kissinger, it was an essential, if not glorious, event. For it was the war that solidified the nation-state over the fragmented feudal Principalities with the “Peace of Westphalia”, the critical step towards a world order.

War, has been the tool of the globalist vision ever since 1648. From the ashes of destruction and the blood of war rises the perceived elite, progressive solution, a dialectical process which leads to one unified socialist technocracy, One World Government.

From the moment America rejected the Wilsonian vision, actually, that of his socialist and globalist keeper, Colonel House, the die was cast for the next planned war. House and his elite, Eastern Establishment buddies formed the Council of Foreign Relations in the footsteps of their British progenitors, the heirs of Cecil Rhodes and the Roundtable after the League of Nations was terminally weakened by America’s unwillingness to join in this first attempt at a New World Order, an order based on Anglo-American dominance.

The members of the CFR did all in their power to facilitate the rise of Mussolini and Hitler as they had Lenin and the Bolsheviks. Following the necessary world war that they knew would follow, it was the same progressive socialists and globalists of the CFR that constructed and wrote the charter of the new attempt at a One World Order, the United Nations.

One of the leaders of this group of elites, Alger Hiss, a confirmed and known communist became this purposefully destructive institutions first Secretary General. By the way, most of the other key members of the CFR became the State Department and the CIA, with rest like the Rockefeller’s, financiers and transnational corporate chieftains as did their dynastic heirs.

The dialectical process will not end until either; the One World Order elites and their anti-nation state treason and corruption are destroyed, or all of humanity, or what’s left of it, is subservient to the One World Government that has been the end goal of these powerful players since Adam Weishaupt formed the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776.

Coincidently, if you believe in coincidences, the war that Kissinger admires so fervently, the 30 Years War, occurred during the Maunder Minimum. It thus, may not be so surprising that the process may be repeating as we have entered what is being called the Eddie Minimum.

Macron’s Defeat in Paris Sounds Alarm for Europe – Bloomberg