Major False Flag??–The End Of Our Freedom Is Fast Approaching.

How did the existing literature on conspiracy theories, not to mention the many public officials and pundits who deploy the conspiracy-theory label in public discourse, manage to overlook the conspiratorial suspicions of the nation’s Founders, especially when the Founders’ fears of anti-democratic plots were stated in the Declaration of Independence, elaborated in the Federalist Papers, and written into the U.S. Constitution?

How could the literature fail to notice that the Allied powers after World War II prosecuted and convicted Nazi leaders for conspiring to subvert representative democracy in Germany and wage wars of aggression?

The literature attacking conspiracy theories has been blind to all this because most conspiracy deniers have accepted the conspiracy-theory label and its pejorative connotations uncritically. It would probably be too much to expect greater awareness of the CIA’s conspiracy-theory propaganda program, even though it was made public in 1976, but many scholars and journalists still deserve criticism for failing to ask when and under what conditions norms against conspiracy belief emerged in elite discourse. 

Instead, generally they have embraced these norms and have simply assumed that conspiracy theories are patently irrational and pernicious. This has led journalists and scholars alike to search for the historical roots, not of contemporary elite norms against conspiracy theorizing, but of the supposedly delusional, conspiratorial mind-set.

conspiracy_therory_weaponized_wordIn actuality, conspiracy beliefs about public officials constitute a separate and distinct category of political thought that has been part of American public discourse throughout its history. Their status as a subject matter governed by discursive norms was widely recognized at least by the late 1840s. Consider Lincoln’s claim that President Polk misled the nation into the Mexican-American War. Lincoln carefully parsed President Polk’s own words to show that Polk had spoken carefully because he intended to deceive. At times, Lincoln said, Polk attempted “to prove, by telling the truth, what he could not prove by telling the whole truth.” Lincoln’s analysis presupposed that speech by public officials in the context of deliberations about war is governed by recognized norms. Presidents are expected to speak plainly, and accusations of prevarication are not to be made without firm evidence. 

How could a nation wary of power and founded on a conspiracy theory, a nation that divides and cross-checks government powers because it expects antidemocratic intrigues in high office, come to dismiss and disparage all manner of conspiratorial suspicions? Surely, a CIA propaganda program, no matter how cleverly contrived, would not be able to persuade such a nation that suspicions of elite political conspiracies are ludicrous. There must have been more to cause such a dramatic cultural shift, although the impact of the CIA should not be underestimated. Before conspiracy theories began to be ridiculed in the civic culture, they came into question in philosophy and social science in the early years of the Cold War.

Before the war, much research in history and political science looked for behind-the-scenes decisions. After the war, the new method, referred to as “behavioralism,” examined individual behavior in contained settings (such as voting behavior, administrative behavior, consumer choice, etc.) and sought to identify principles and strategies underlying behavioral patterns.

The intellectual basis for abandoning the conspiratorial concerns of the Founders was developed in the 1940s and 1950s by two European philosophers: Karl Popper and Leo Strauss

Popper is largely responsible for the mistaken idea that conspiracy theories are modern variants of ancient superstitions and nineteenth-century social prejudices, and that, thus rooted in irrationality and paranoia, are the seeds of authoritarian political movements.

Strauss did not use the term “conspiracy theory,” but he advocated state political propaganda and covert actions to protect a society’s traditional beliefs and ongoing illusions about its origins and virtues from unrestrained inquiries. 

Strauss saw scientific criticism of official accounts of important historical events as a precursor to totalitarianism because it undermines respect for the nation’s laws and traditional beliefs; it ushers in, with philosophy and science, the view that nothing is true; and it unleashes tyrannical impulses in the political class as top leaders compete for popular support.

==Conspiracy Theory in America (deHaven-Smith, Lance)

Both brilliant philosophers wished to protect the nation and Western Civilization from anything that subverted the national myths and, more importantly the belief in the integrity and righteousness of the West’s institutions and in the very legitimacy of democratic governments of Europe and North America. The peril to freedom was fascism, communism and totalitarianism, not the covert and conspiratorial actions of governments seeking to defend, no matter the means, their civilization and culture.

Conspiracy-Theories-EMGN6However, this is exactly the moral relativism of cultural Marxism and fascism, where the ends justify the means. Conspiracies exist in the public sphere as ubiquitously as they do in the the world of private affairs, but the damage done by the erosion of the very legitimacy the perpetrators any justify their actions is far, far more serious and corrosive.  The same human tendencies, the Siren songs that almost destroyed Odysseus, that draw us towards the corruption of power and wealth exist in both the private and public arenas; more than likely far more pervasively in the public sphere, as the intoxicant of the power wielded is all the more intense. In a world without the moral and ethical ropes needed to tie the powerful to the masts, the ship of state is bound to destroy itself on the hidden rocks of our corruptions. 

The list of conspiracies, acts of two or more individuals subverting and breaking the laws of the land by government agencies and high ranking government officials just in America over the past 100 years is a mile long.

How in the name of god can the words “conspiracy theory” still carry such social and ridicule and condemnation? Because the power elites and their toadies and minions in the media, the universities utilizing the power of propaganda and cultural brainwashing wish this to be so. The conspiracy theories of the founders of this nation and the great political leaders of America’s earlier years are evidence that this was not always so.

Now That At Least The Blood Has Dried: Follow The Truth If We can.

conspiracy-theoriesThe truly astounding thing about government and elite controlled covert bureaucracy is its inherent tendency to become chlorotic, repetitive and astoundingly uncreative. A “what worked before will work again” attitude that becomes almost impossible to overcome, as the systems risk tolerance constrains and disincentivizes creative thinking. The repetitiveness of process serves the covert operative well in the planning and execution of the conspiracy of death undertaken, as the model has worked many times before. It is no coincidence that the “shooter” mentioned the Tsarnaev brothers, as the modus operandi of this “failed” FBI potential terrorist monitoring program rings almost identical to that which led to the Marathon bombing, although that one the perpetrators lived longer than planned. 

The problem lies, however, not in the execution, nor even the aftermaths well orchestrated and controlled media responses, for the same or similar propaganda techniques have also consistently worked to focus the populations very thoughts and emotions towards the  desired ends for generations. The similarities in execution of the False Flag event, all the way through to the tools used to brainwash and control an easily manipulated audience, are by now held within a very well-worn playbook.

The conditions of human civilization, from technology to standards of living, have progressed mightily over the past several hundred years, but human nature, despite the progressive/Marxian/Huxleian belief in the malleability of our natures, assumed to be adaptable to environment and economic conditions, remains constant over hundreds of thousands of years.  

Although the effectiveness of playing on human emotions and our typical responses, manipulated by the controlled press, to the tried and true, but increasingly repetitive “terror” attacks, whether blamed on Islamic radicals or domestic gun toting “right-wing” terrorists is being eroded by a growing awareness of the people who do their research and by the independent voices in the alternative media.

Anyone who believes that the “official” government stories on practically anything of importance has left their brain at the feet of the totally irrational, which of course is the exact opposite of what we have been manipulated to believe.    

5 Reasons to Question the Official Story of the Orlando Shooting –

As more and more evidence emerges regarding the mass shooting in an Orlando gay club that resulted in the death of at least 52 people and many more injured, signs are increasingly pointing toward the possibility of a false flag operation.Already, a number of points lend credence to those who might suggest that intelligence agencies more so than desert-dwelling terrorist organizations are responsible for organizing and directing the attacks. A number of questionable aspects regarding this shooting include:

The FBI knew about the shooter and investigated him prior to the attack.

The shooter had a connection to a known ISIS recruiter.

The shooter’s father was a former “Afghan presidential candidate” who supported the Taliban.

The FBI’s history in creating terrorism.

5 Reasons to Question the Official Story of the Orlando Shooting

Source: 5 Reasons to Question the Official Story of the Orlando Shooting – Zen Gardner

Truly excellent article below–must read. 

Recent Bloodbath Looks Almost Identical to FBI-Staged Entrapment Cases in 2015.

A horrific mass shooting unfolded in Florida claiming the lives of at least 52 with scores more injured. The British Independent would report in its article, “Omar Mateen: Orlando gay club gunman identified by police,” that:

Police have identified the gunman in the mass shooting at a gay club in Florida as 29-year-old Omar Mateen, an American citizen whose parents are from Afghanistan. 

Authorities in Orlando said they were investigating the shooting as an act of terrorism, as the death toll rose to 50 with a further 53 wounded.

At face value – it appears to be another senseless tragedy perpetrated by a “terrorist” inspired by militant groups the US claims to have been fighting for now nearly two decades. However the Independent reports another fact further down in the body of its article, claiming that:

ABC News reported he had been on police’s “radar”, though not subject to an investigation.

If this sounds like a familiar narrative, that’s because virtually every high-profile “terrorist attack” carried out in North America and Europe in recent years has been done so by suspects long under investigation by US, Canadian, and European law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

US Law Enforcement Knew Florida Shooter BEFORE Shooting

The ultimate absurdity, the most powerful conspiracy is the one that was set in motion by the CIA and the establishments brainwashing meme that has infected Anglo-American discourse for the past 70 years that totally delegitimized the idea that conspiracies of the powerful do exist, even that they could be considered possible.

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