Marsha Blackburn (R-TN): Why One Congresswoman Wants To Block Fast, Cheap Internet In Her District

Lest we ever, ever doubt that the whole system is corrupt and that the corruption knows absolutely no party affiliations, I have republished an article by David Sirota about one Republican congresswoman who is clearly in bed with the major telecoms, to the detriment of the citizens of her congressional district. As always, it bears to remember that large “capitalistic” established companies do not like competition, i.e., they are not for the free market, but crony capitalist fascism is fine by them and there are plenty of politicians who would agree, if the price is right. ( By the way, David Sirota is considered “left” in the political world, but there are no political boundaries either when it comes to corruption and right and wrong, despite this being a republican congresswoman)

The entire American political system has been corrupted, of course, it has been relatively so practically from the founding, but constitutional restraints and an honest and more unbiased media, more often than not, provided the necessary counterbalance to mankinds baser instincts. With the destruction of moral and ethical absolutes of our current liberal induced relativistic world,  I suppose our elected “representatives” only guideposts are in comparing themselves to the corruption of their comrades on the Hill. But, like competitive currency devaluations, this seems likely to not have a very pleasant ending, as the political class spirals ever downward to their rendezvous with hell.

There is no one who is without sin and certainly so in Washington, the dragnets of the surveillance state have captured the digital footprint of every single indiscretion of every single politician and government bureaucrat and that includes the White House. Our entire political and corporate power elite are captives of those who have control over that information. Knowledge is indeed Power. And Power Corrupts–always.

image-452183968A senior congressional Republican this week introduced legislation that would bar the federal government from using its powers to help community-owned internet service providers compete with private telecommunications companies.

The move comes just as a Chattanooga-based community owned Internet provider that delivers some of the fastest connections in the nation, EPB, is girding up for an expansion plan that would take on major telecommunications firms far beyond its home region.

In many states major providers of high speed internet connections have successfully lobbied state lawmakers to deliver legislation that bars community-owned internet providers from expanding beyond their home territories. The FCC has the authority to intervene and preempt such state laws to enable smaller Internet providers to compete with larger national firms.

The legislation-introduced by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) as an amendment to an annual spending bill, would strip the FCC of this power.

Blackburn’s (R-TN) top donors include private telecommunications firms that do not want to have to compete with publicly owned ISPs. Her state is home to EPB, a taxpayer-owned power company in Chattanooga that also provides local residents some of the fastest Internet speeds in the world at market-competitive rates. EPB is now aiming to expand its services beyond Chattanooga.

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