Mass Mind Control and Misplaced Progressive Hysteria

Sometimes it takes a Russian Marxist theoretician to tell the American fascist progressive left how insane, hypocritical and mindless their anti-Trump rhetoric and mass Sorosian elite guided chaos is, for the words and actions of the President, if they acted out 30-40 years ago, if not even more recently, would have given them a tingle up their thighs even more powerful than Mr. Tingles himself, Chris Matthews.Trump is anti-NATO, anti-unfair trade deals constructed by transnational corporations for transnational corporations, Trump is pro-universal health of some kind, Trump is against obscene profits by big pharma on the backs of the taxpayers and the American worker, Trump is anti-globalist, anti- the elite banker and Wall Street controlled Federal Reserve, Trump is against the transnational cabal of protected power elites who gather at Davos every year and whose super elite winnow their way into the Bilderberg power structure hell-bent on destroying all nation’s sovereignty and enslaving mankind into the status of permanent proletarians and dependent wards of their beneficence, feeding from their boot licking lackeys hands in the vast bureaucracy of the technocratic Administrative State.

These useful idiots have been so brainwashed, so programmed by the globalist power elites and the simple, but powerful earworm  memes of the Tavistock Institute and a variety of other sources utilizing the mind controlling, soul-destroying techniques of the propaganda of total control. Mass hysteria is upon this nation and soon will likely infect the entire western world. There is no escape.

For the past several years, since I first started this blog, I have been warning of the inevitable violence and directed chaos that the elites have always known would be necessary to bring about the last battle; a battle that if won by the evil and corrupt hands of those who have masterfully guided the process now unfolding will lead to a tyranny beyond any imagined except by the most dystopian fictions, from Star Wars to the classics, 1984, Brave New World and A Clockwork Orange. They have been caught in the trap of their own hubris with last years Brexit and the failure of their chosen representative from hell last November, however, they now have had time to regroup. Their crimes, perversions and treasons can not be allowed to see the cleansing light of day so they will fight. They will fight even more aggressively now that President Trump has shown them that he truly means to clean the swamp of the detritus and rotting, bloated evil that is the inner circle of elites whose hidden hands have guided this nation to the precipice of civil war.

It is Manichean conflict between good and evil, an evil that has been growing for generations and whose witches, warlocks and Wiccans have become increasingly blatant and careless in their behaviors, as those of the powerful perverts of Washington elites engaged in the pedophilia and child sex trafficking which is the Pizzagate scandal have done, secure in the faith that their counterparts in the various agencies of justice will look the other way, as they have done practically everywhere in the Western world. There will be blood, but truth and the absolute will prevail. Morality and the ethical laws of mankind will conquer the perversions of the moral relativists and the deranged decadence of cultural Marxism.

So, I say bring it on and let’s cleanse America of the filth that is suffocating us. 

Do You Need a Ride or a Checkered Pattern? | Defend Democracy Press–Irene Christodoulaki

In the meantime, some changes, currently under way in the US, are not only global in scale, but also fully in line with the demands put forth by the same left in the mass protests they have been organizing in the last quarter of the century. Wasn’t it the Left, who intensely criticized Northern American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), arguing (and the criticism turned out to be completely justified) that it would harm American industry, workers and the middle class? Wasn’t it the Left, who by the same token, was condemning the signing of a similar Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and was opposed to the forthcoming Free Trade Agreement with the European Union?

President Trump promises to simplify the process of voter registration to facilitate easier access to the voting booth for the lower strata of the society. Openly neglecting his traditional role as the “leader of free world”, he, not only refuses to impose liberal principles on the rest of the world, but also calls NATO obsolete. A few days before taking the oath of the office, he also stated that he stands for the universal healthcare and for curbing the drug prices.

In other words, he repeated the demands of Bernie Sanders, the most left leaning American politician.

Trump also hinted that he is interested in the educational reform, but did not offer any details. If such agenda becomes a reality, we are talking about the most radical social reform in the United States since Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Do You Need a Ride or a Checkered Pattern

Source: Do You Need a Ride or a Checkered Pattern? | Defend Democracy Press