McCarthyism Is Breaking Out All Over — Paul Craig Roberts

download-caseyThere remains enough time to be worried. January 20th may seem like a short skip away, but with the political and corporate power elites under assault around the world, risking generations of well executed plans to rule without the restraints of national sovereignty, democracy or the rule of law; it is enough time to destroy our democracy. I have warned for years that the corruption of the Clintons and a wide, non-partisan swath of the ruling class, is beyond the imagination of good, moral Americans. If the evil is shown the light, as they must be fearing, the people of this nation, even those who may still be operating under the haze of cradle to grave brainwashing by scientifically delivered State and corporate propaganda, the disgust and outrage will be so overwhelming that the people of this nation may not be satisfied with life sentences. There is so much more at risk for the power elites from the truth than most can imagine.

From 9/11 to very likely pedophile rings and satanic murders (yes, I believe pizzagate is real)  by a class of humans that either were born sociopath/psychopaths or developed a total loss of empathy and morality through an extraordinary accumulation of wealth, power and privilege. I can not believe that these totally degenerate sub-humans will risk what certainly lays ahead for them if the truly relinquish the reins of power.  The scramble to outlaw “fake” news and muzzle the sources of information that refute the propaganda machinery of the mainstream media and their hidden masters, coming here in the very last lap prior to the inauguration of President Trump, is more than worrying. It is something to fear. 

Paul Craig Roberts

Seasoned journalist, White House official, and historian Pat Buchanan has responded to the Washington Post’s fake news about the independent journalists on the 200 List being Russian agents by reminding us that the US government has always been a major disseminator of fake news                                                   

images-its-not-fascsimNo one knows who is behind the newly created PropOrNot website that came up with the list of 200 “Russian agents,” but it is as likely as not the State Department funded National Endowment for Democracy, which has been peddling propaganda as fake news since its inception. Indeed, it was created for the purpose of destabilizing the Soviet Union. Of course the CIA could be involved, or Israel, or George Soros, or some neoconservative group, or some new government funded organization as a tool of the propaganda war that the Obama regime has vowed to fight.

By publicizing the fake list in the Washington Post, the presstitute newspaper has brought buckets of shame and condemnation upon its head, destroying in the process the thin shred of credibility that the Main Stream media still possessed.

As Pam Martens reports, another imbecile has now composed a list of 200 suspect professors who also dissent from the official bullshit fed to the American people.                                                     

The official government purveyors of fake news in the US and their presstitute agents are concerned that they are losing control over the explanations given to the American people.In an effort to regain control over Americans’ minds, they are attempting to define dissenters and truth-tellers as “Russian agents.” Why “Russian agents”? Because they hope that their fake news portrait of Russia as America’s deadly enemy has taken hold and will result in the public turning away from those of us labeled “Russian agents.”

I don’t think it is working.



The Major Purveyor of ‘Fake News’ is the CIA-Corporate Complex

The US corporate media, its strings pulled by the modern version of the Central Intelligence Agency’s old Operation MOCKINGBIRD media influencing operation, is laughably accusing Russia of generating «fake news» to influence the outcome of the American presidential election.

In a November 24, 2016, article in the CIA-connected Washington Post, reporter Craig Timberg reported: «Russia’s increasingly sophisticated propaganda machinery — including thousands of botnets, teams of paid human ‘trolls,’ and networks of websites and social-media accounts — echoed and amplified right-wing sites across the Internet as they portrayed Clinton as a criminal hiding potentially fatal health problems and preparing to hand control of the nation to a shadowy cabal of global financiers». The Post’s article is worthy of the CIA-generated propaganda spun by the paper at the height of the Cold War-era MOCKINGBIRD.

Contrary to what the Post reported about right-wing accounts of Hillary Clinton’s ties to «a shadowy cabal of global financiers, the vanquished Democratic presidential nominee and her husband, via the slush fund known as the Clinton Foundation, was closely linked to a variety of «shadowy global financiers», including those who serve as executives of Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase. The Clinton cabal was more at home in the gatherings of the secretive syndicates of the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Club, and the Council on Foreign Relations than they were at labor union and student meetings.