Meet Goldman Sachs, the Vampire Squid – Squid’s Tentacles Around Trump

Have we already lost the battle for Washington?

There are many things that are causing personal angina in this blogger, however, the almost immediate embrace of the emergent Trump administration by the slimy tentacles of the blood sucking squid was the first sign of possible heart failure to come. At first, I thought the move by The Donald was an intelligent alliance with the preeminent power of finance in the world, at least next in line to the various direct Rothschild financial interests, for which there are many that hold Goldman remains a subservient supplicant. With the entire global cabal of transnationalist, One World Government, anti-American, anti-democratic, war mongering neocon elite; the Clintonian’s, the pedophiles, the treasonous, and the above-the-law untouchables, all seeking to derail the Trump Presidency, the last thing the soon to be embattled President needed was the full wrath of the money powers of Wall & High Streets unleashed against his administration’s fragile defensive walls.

Yet, now it is increasingly clear that the neocon, global empire expanding operatives of the Deep State are in total control in there totally unassailable role in setting American foreign policy, with war drums beating loudly with North Korea, Iran, Russia and perhaps even China clearly adding to the rhythms being played out by State, Defense and the CIA directed mainstream media. There is a frontal assault on the President from within his own party, by the likes of the treasonous CIA shill Senator McCain and his wife, Lindsey Graham and, of course, the unified front of the Schumer led Washington Democrats and the Soros-Clinton-Obama paid provocateurs and media controlled propaganda outlets.

However, perhaps even more disconcerting is the rear-guard, insidious capture of the nation’s financial and foreign affairs policy within the first 100 days by the human capital and philosophies of the evil cabal that has run America and the West for the past 70 years, all under the watchful eye of a supposedly anti-swamp creature, anti-war and anti-transnational empire building Donald Trump. I am fearful that we have clearly lost the the battle to reclaim America and to save the world from inevitable next phase of the process of our national destruction.

As very little; very, very little, that happens in the macro world of politics, economic policy and foreign affairs, can occur without the acquiescence, more likely origination, within the dingy corridors of the inner sanctums of the power elites of Wall Street, the CFR  and the Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission nexus one can only wonder why they are allowing the America first, nationalist and protectionist policies that the Trump team seems, on the surface, to embrace. The cynical view, but one based in an understanding of the end goals of the hidden hands that have controlled America and the West for, at the very least, the past 70 years, it is the perfect set up to a allow the spirits of the public that demands this change of course to expend its animal spirits and cut its head off with the planned war and economic collapse that are surely coming; perhaps soon. 

Making America Great Again can never be, if the truth behind the phrase is to Make the American Empire Supreme Again. A Trump administration enslaved under the psychopathic seemingly impregnable iron-clad will of the  powers of finance and the Military Industrial, Total Surveillance Complex spells only one thing; disaster.