Megyn Kelly is in Trump’s new attack ad on Hillary -She is Toast, Even If The FBI Does Not Get Her

I don’t think Hillary stands a chance against the truth. But then the Democratic elite, regardless of their underestimation of the revolution seething beneath both party’s feet, must have sensed she was vulnerable for some time. Do they have a solution? Are there covert machinations being hatched right now to allow Hillary to be thrown under the prosecutorial bus and a replacement in the wings?

The corrupt establishment of both factions cannot allow Trump to win, for to do so would very likely result in the kimono being opened and the filth, corruption and murderous conspiracies of their past becoming exposed to an irate mob of lynching enraged Americans.  There is a plan being hatched and it likely includes the super elites of the very inner circles of American, perhaps even international power.

Massive voter fraud, war, civil unrest, terrorism of a magnitude greater than 9/11 can not be ruled out. Perhaps, even a crisis of such magnitude that Obama is able to force through Congress an emergency act to allow him to remain in office. Far fetched, yes, but the depth of our governments recent and even historical depravity can never be allowed to become fact and not the conspiracy theories of the “wing-nuts”, the ones who actually have grasped the truth.


Source: Megyn Kelly is in Trump’s new attack ad on Hillary – but it’s the ending that really has everyone talking | BizPac Review