MH17 FULLY EXPOSED!! You Won’t Believe The SHOCKING TRUTH About the Ukraine FALSE FLAG

God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose. Take which you please.

You can never have both. —RALPH WALDO EMERSON, 1841

When regard for truth has been broken down or even slightly weakened, all things will remain doubtful. —ST. AUGUSTINE, C. 3951

Political speech and writing are largely the defence [sic] of the indefensible . . . Political language . . . is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. –George Orwell

What happened to the black box, what happened to the conclusive evidence that the Russians or their direct trained proxies amongst the Ukrainian freedom fighters (rebels) were responsible for the destruction of flight MH17 that the United States had previously so solidly made many aggressive definitive accusatory statements? Are we still relying on social media for our State Departments inane, former CIA related spokeswomen’s “definitive conclusions? Everything surrounding this event has smelled from the first day, and now that it seems to have been totally buried as a story worthy of continued mainstream press coverage by the propaganda machinery of the State it even smells more odious, but few seem to notice.

Our corruption knows no bounds. The Ukraine is too attractive a target for the corporate kleptocracy, from Shell to Monsanto (think of this former breadbasket of Russia and Europe gleaming with GMO wheat and sprayed with that ultra-safe herbicide Roundup, what a glorious vision!) and whatever energy company it was the hired Joe Biden’s son to become a board member of shortly following the destruction of flight MH17. But. like the Lusitania was for Wilson, MH17 can be pulled from the reserve bins of available atrocities to rally the cause for war when the time comes. But, first we go to war on ISIS and Syria.

Who, damn it, is really the evil empire here?  This is worth watching to the end–truth or repose, your choice.

Ukraine crisis: Nato plans east European bases to counter Russia | World news | The Guardian

Nato, a giant military bureaucracy in search of meaning, in search of the innate need for expansion and increased relevance. Libya was just not enough, Bosnia was fun and our bases there have never been removed and now, of course, Russia and the Ukraine! The expansion described by The Guardian was absolutely assured, as assured as the sun rising tomorrow. We see the militarization of America, watch closely for the rapid militarization of the world as the, oh so convenient, crisis continue to metastasize under the able guidance of the powers that wish it so!

Nato is to deploy its forces at new bases in eastern Europe for the first time, in response to the Ukraine crisis and in an attempt to deter Vladimir Putin from causing trouble in the former Soviet Baltic republics, according to its secretary general.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the organisations’s summit in Cardiff next week would overcome divisions within the alliance and agree to new deployments on Russia’s borders – a move certain to trigger a strong reaction from Moscow.

He also outlined moves to boost Ukraine’s security, “modernise” its armed forces and help the country counter the threat from Russia.

Rasmussen said: “We will adopt what we call a readiness action plan with the aim to be able to act swiftly in this completely new security environment in Europe. We have something already called the Nato response force, whose purpose is to be able to be deployed rapidly if needed. Now it’s our intention to develop what I would call a spearhead within that response force at very, very high readiness.

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via Ukraine crisis: Nato plans east European bases to counter Russia | World news | The Guardian.

Dangerous Crossroads: US-NATO To Deploy Ground Troops, Conduct Large Scale Naval Exercises against “Unnamed Enemy” |

The World is at a dangerous Crossroads.

The Western military alliance is in an advanced state of readiness. And so is Russia.

Russia is heralded as the “Aggressor”. US-NATO military confrontation with Russia is contemplated.

Enabling legislation in the US Senate under “The Russian Aggression Prevention Act” (RAPA) has “set the US on a path towards direct military conflict with Russia in Ukraine.” 

Any US-Russian war is likely to quickly escalate into a nuclear war, since neither the US nor Russia would be willing to admit defeat, both have many thousands of nuclear weapons ready for instant use, and both rely upon Counterforce military doctrine that tasks their military, in the event of war, to preemptively destroy the nuclear forces of the enemy. (See Steven Starr, Global Research, August 22, 2014)

The Russian Aggression Prevention Act (RAPA) is the culmination of more than twenty years of US-NATO war preparations, which consist in the military encirclement of both Russia and China:

From the moment the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the United States has relentlessly pursued a strategy of encircling Russia, just as it has with other perceived enemies like China and Iran. It has brought 12 countries in central Europe, all of them formerly allied with Moscow, into the NATO alliance. US military power is now directly on Russia’s borders.  (Steven Kinzer, Boston Globe, March 3, 2014, emphasis added)

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via Dangerous Crossroads: US-NATO To Deploy Ground Troops, Conduct Large Scale Naval Exercises against “Unnamed Enemy” | Global Research.