The Might of the American Empire Was on Full Display at Super Bowl 50: A Bizarre War Spectacle Extraordinaire

Though it may be true that, at least in history, values, be they of a nation or of humanity as a whole, do not survive unless we fight for them, neither combat (nor force) can alone suffice to justify them. Rather it must be the other way: the fight must be justified and guided by those values. We must fight for the truth and we must take care not to kill it with the very weapons we use in its defense; it is at this doubled price that we must pay in order that our words assume once more their proper power.


fascism-40078988688The US military budget accounts for approximately 40 percent of total global arms spending and is over six times larger than the military budget of China, and is greater than the next twenty largest military spenders combined.

Before the war only the wealthiest of Americans and corporations paid a dime of income tax. Between World War I and World War II the number of households paying income tax in any given year ranged from 1.25 to 2.5 percent. In 1939, 93 percent of the labor force paid no federal income tax at all. World War I was financed mostly through the sale of “war bonds” to the public. But World War II turned out to be ten times as expensive as its predecessor.

So the federal government needed more money to finance it and turned taxation from an affair for only the most wealthy to one that impacted everyone. By 1943 the government started to deduct money out of people’s pay checks as practically everyone began to pay income taxes.

The federal government gave birth to large military budgets and mass income taxes at the same time and both live on together today as twin siblings of the war state. Does this big-money spending lead to corruption

Managers aren’t free agents. They have to answer to those who pay them. It wasn’t bureaucratic structures that were taking control of nations, but people using different organizations for their own ends. For example, the military-industrial complex was not a faceless bureaucracy that took power on its own, but something that developed inside of the United States and derived its power from the corporations that owned the industries that made it up and the politicians and leaders who set the policies that directed money toward it and set its objectives in a symbiotic iron-triangle relationship that transformed the federal government into a war state. 

The real big decisions are truly made in this country when it comes to war, Wall Street bailouts, national security issues, and even the interest-rate policies that impacts your day-to-day life when it comes to things such as the price of oil, housing prices, and even the unemployment rate. These types of issues are not voted upon by Congress, hardly debated about in elections, and even more rarely decided upon by voters. The final decisions are made by a power elite, whose activities are barely understood by most.

=The War State: The Cold War Origins Of The Military-Industrial Complex And The Power Elite, 1945-1963 (Swanson, Michael)

320dd3714c423d68c75a0be7ddc3f258I know that many who read these brief snippets would likely have felt pride and a sense of patriotic fervor at Sunday’s Super Bowl military display, I know I did. But this was exactly what it all was designed to produce. Do you really think that the executives of CBS and the organizers of this extravaganza did not know that this was pure propaganda or that it was not intended to further instill a false patriotism, the kind that is blind to the real intentions of America’s perpetual war on the world. A war that now clearly includes this nation’s citizens as targets?  

This is pure and simple feel good brainwashing. Jingoistic military patriotism without truth, that fosters war fever and the totally blind, false belief that the purposes of American military might are altruistic, humanitarian and accrue to the benefit of the countries we destroy is not true patriotism. We should not take pride in being the perfect subjects of the brainwashing of the military-industrial-complex and the elites that profit from our blind gullibility and ignorance.

Not one drop of American blood should be shed for the profits of the few, in fact, as the next war looms upon us it is the elites who should be forced to the front lines, it is their blood that should be spread on the killing fields.

To much fanfare, the Armed Forces Chorus, comprised of 50 men and women image_20from the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Air Force, kicked off the massive sports event by singing “America the Beautiful” from the field. CBS’ broadcast of the song cut away to footage of uniformed troops standing at attention, with text on the screen reading, “United States Forces Afghanistan.” The clip was a nod to a brutal war and occupation, now stretching into its 15th year, as top generals press for an even slower withdrawal.

The Might of the American Empire Was on Full Display at Super Bowl 50 A Bizarre War Spectacle Extraor

download (89)The idea that there is anything questionable about coating a sporting event in military promotion is the furthest thing from the minds of most viewers.

Super Bowl 50 will be the first National Football League championship to happen since it was reported that much of the pro-military hoopla at football games, the honoring of troops and glorifying of wars that most people had assumed was voluntary or part of a marketing scheme for the NFL, has actually been a money-making scheme for the NFL. The U.S. military has been dumping millions of our dollars, part of a recruitment and advertising budget that’s in the billions, into paying the NFL to publicly display love for soldiers and weaponry.

The Daily Bell – War and Economic Depression Molding Modern Times

The Super Bowl Promotes War NFL to Publicly Display Love for Soldiers and Weaponry