Military Leaders Turning Against We the People? ( Yes, as is the entire Police/Surveillance State)

Winter is coming and it rides upon an American steed, it is inevitable.

Winter-is-Coming-Night-WalkerObama has purged the ranks of the senior military. Loyalty and simply the fact that senior military personnel have all been vetted over many years, in the arena’s of battle and within the Pentagon, the winnowing  out process is not necessarily one of a top down planned implementation of a certain ideology. Uniformity of thought, behavior and the immunity to what might be considered societal norms of moral, ethical and Constitutional conduct is forged by the organizational, institutional processes of advancement and acceptance as officers rise in their careers. The commitment to those careers and the self-indoctrination into a form of institutional brainwashing becomes harder and harder to obviate as any officer advances, the system corrupts.

With America having been in a real war now for many years, well into the full life cycle of many of our armed forces senior officers, the insidious dismantling of potentially career damaging beliefs on torture, civilian casualties, the death of women, children and innocent “non-combatants” assures that the survivors of the advancement process arrive at similar, distorted and mutually self-protecting beliefs.  

The attacks on Christianity, the acceptance of torture, of an impregnable loss of empathy in an us and “them” attitude and a loss of respect for the civilians back home is absolutely to be expected. And it is exactly the process of civilizational decay that the founders of this nation warned us about and tried to prevent in many subsequent years following the ratification of the Constitution. Of course, we eventually disregarded those warnings and now stand more thoroughly corrupted than any of those great minds could have ever imagined. America is in very, very grave danger. The nation as it once was, as many of us would like it to become again, is not going to survive. It is now impossible.

As it was inevitable that a nation that crossed over into empire and perpetual war would desecrate and shred its own foundational documents, so to must we watch as America implodes. As this too is inevitable. What we do afterwards will determine if our children will ever live as a free people.

In the massive loss of freedoms and individual rights of the population during President Barack Obama’s almost complete Fundamental Transformation of America, who would notice that leaders of the U.S. military are now working against We the People?

It isn’t the rank and file working against the people but some of their top Commanders.

Take Vice Commander of the 89th Airlift Wing at Andrew Air Force Base Col. Preston Williamson IV, for example. Commander Williamson IV, who appears in Saturday’s departure to Martha Vineyard’s photos, walked the Obamas from Marine One. (Daily Mail, Aug. 9, 2014)

Given what was going on during the Obama departure and recognizing that protocol is protocol,  need Commander Williamson IV have looked quite so downright jolly?

Departing for holidays wreathed in smiles at a time when civilians, including little children are being beheaded, crucified and buried alive by the Islamic State in Iraq, surely the Obama family was putting a smiley face on unspeakable tragedy.

Then there’s former general and CIA boss David Petraeus, who in openly boasting at the recent Thatcher Conference on Liberty in London, that the United States of America is poised to be merged into the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), was downright gleeful about it.

Check the loathsome smirk Petraeus wears for the prospect of an America swallowed by NAFTA at the 5-minute mark on this telling YouTube.

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