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Fundamental to the suppression of awareness is controlling the accepted ‘norms’ of academics and mainstream ‘scientists’. You give them a reality song sheet from the first moment they enter the ‘education’ system and you turn and turn the screw as they continue through college and university and into their specialization of academia, science or medicine.

As Albert Einstein said: ‘The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.’ You then reward them if they keep to the song sheet with top jobs, titles and prestige and they become the ‘voice’ (your voice) for what is (and isn’t) real and unreal, possible and impossible, sane and insane. They don’t need evidence for what they say – only that unquestioning certainty that the system must know best.

This is passed down to the population as the academic/doctor/scientist must know best when they are only saying what they are because they believe, in the same way, that the system which has indoctrinated them must know best. They are also well aware that to deviate from the system’s norms is to lose their top jobs, titles, prestige and very tidy income thank you very much.

—-The Perception Deception – Part One (David Icke)

The money power preys upon the nation in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes. –Abraham Lincoln


One of the stupidest accusations yet made by the Ukrainians–!

If you remotely believe the bull coming at you from the mainstream media, including Fox, a  national news station that is the best of the worst and for which I was at one time a dedicated fan, but for their war insentient nationalistic war mongering, then you have succumbed to the machinations of the State propaganda machinery and are engulfed in the Matrix. When it comes to many critical issues even the illusion of differing perspectives melts away. How can it be otherwise for, with modest variations, Western media reports to the same masters.

Last night’s headlines crowed in bright red flashing text that Russia and Ukraine had (once again) agreed a cease-fire and terms over the borders between the two nations. Perhaps not surprisingly, mere hours later, Ukraine is claiming that Russia has broken the truce… with the use of a tactical nuclear weapon at Luhansk airport. This comes on the heels of claims by the pro-Russia separatists that Kiev forces destroyed a massive military plant in Donetsk. Russia’s defense ministry flatly denies the ‘nuclear strikes’ adding that “no reasonable person will take them seriously.” This truce-breaking action has once again raised calls among Ukrainians for the nation to get its nuclear status back; something Russia is clearly strongly against.

via Military Plant In East Ukraine Devastated By Massive Explosion; Kiev Accuses Russia Of Using Tactial Nuke | Zero Hedge.