– Moral Disorder

disorderPervasive disorder dominates our lives today. It is not a frivolous thing, but a deadly thing that has seeped into our culture like nerve gas quietly permeating the brains of combatants in war. It has come over us because our society’s intellectuals, who are supposed to guide a country’s citizens toward freedom and sanity, have defaulted on the role given to them by the nature of their being.

Over this past century our men of the mind have scampered like little children into a pseudo realm of intellectuality, a sinister realm that they would know is false if only they would trust the gifts of reason and intuition bestowed upon them, if only they would seek their true purpose rather than so eagerly capitulate to the baser elements within them.

Iniquity and illusion lurk always in the background of human endeavor to threaten the modicums of progress mustered over the millennia. In heroic times these dangers are confronted with a nobility of soul that allows society to stay structured. But in collapsing times they are gleefully embraced by the ghouls and Machiavellians who live for the moment and care not for posterity. It is these malevolent types who are destroying us today. They control the citadels of power in all arenas – political, corporate, financial, educational, artistic – and will bring us to ruin if not vigorously challenged.

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