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we-can-do-itThough, I am of a far inferior mind than Mr. Hanson and disagree with him on many foreign policy issues, both current and past of the American Fascist Empire, there is no question he is dead on when discussing the absurdities of the American fascist liberal left and the apparent Queen of the totally hypocritical surreal nature of the apparent choice of the Democratic Party and the totally corrupted imperium in imperio that really rules over us all.  This is a worthy read!

You could not have made up this character called Hillary, nor the entire House of Clinton for that matter, in your worst dystopian nightmare, yet here she is in all of her overly pasted and caked face absorbing our nation in mind numbing irrelevancies that should be decided in courts of law, not on the national stage as the world teeters into the abyss of chaos. The yoke of generations of propaganda and educational brainwashing have taken their toll, not only on America’s collective intelligence, but on our free will and any remaining semblance of mental independence from that of the State. Hanson is clearly one who is not yet absorbed into the collective, but we need many, many more. 

She charged UCLA somewhere around $300,000 for reciting some platitudes. That works out to  over $165 a second for her 30 minutes on stage — meaning that she made more in one minute than a student barista does in a year.

Ms. Clinton acknowledges that, while secretary of state, she solicited donations from wealthy foreign nationals for her family foundation, whose funds she and her husband have frequently tapped for exclusive travel and other expenses.

Everything Ms. Clinton has said recently seems to be demonstrably untrue: Only one of her grandparents, not all four, was an immigrant. One does not need to have two smartphones to have two e-mail accounts. She did not regularly e-mail her husband. One does not secure a server by having a guard on the premises. A cabinet officer does not communicate exclusively on a private e-mail account via a private unsecured server. High government officials do not themselves adjudicate which e-mails are private and which public — and then wipe clean their accounts to avoid an audit of such decision-making.

The multimillionaire Ms. Clinton, fresh from jabs against hedge funds and inordinate CEO pay, also just bought lunch at a fast-food restaurant and left no tip in the jar, before parking her car in a handicapped zone at another stop. How is all this connected?

Ms. Clinton’s private ethics are, as usual, a mess, both in the sense of failing to follow legal protocols and tell the truth, and in the less formal sense of price-gouging cash-strapped universities, failing to show some tiny generosity to the working classes, and abusing accommodations intended to help the disabled

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