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The foundations are being built as one candle can light another, but I am afraid for a true libertarianism to take place in America, the old anachronistic architectures and “isms” must be thoroughly discredited. Only a systemic collapse will clean them away and break the impermeable seal that has strengthened around them over the past three hundred years. Even the death of hundreds of millions of innocent human beings has not totally snuffed out the insanity of communism. It is not the John Galtian pursuit of money that will be humanities earthly god, it will be freedom. Not freedom from want, but freedom from government. Unlikely, as well, will the new libertarian civilization be driven by the freedom to pursue material goods of little to no intrinsic value except for ego gratification and self-love.  

As a new, vibrant civilization is born from the detritus of the old, I doubt very much that the same value systems that have existed in the government controlled capitalism and consumption driven narcissism of the past several hundred years will survive, though if one is still so inclined to pursue the dollar as the ultimate god, no one can or should stand in the way. Out of chaos comes order and the libertarianism that is now in an almost prenatal emergent state, incubating in the very early stages of our worlds chaos, will not likely be born from the loins of any politician alive today. The path, freely taken through an almost visceral, quasi religious belief in the sanctity of each individual’s absolute rights will drive a new civilization to something we do not yet grasp.  

The New York Times wonders if the libertarian moment has arrived.

Maybe, suggested an article in the Sunday magazine.

Supporters of Rand Paul and father Ron think so. Award-winning economist turned left-wing pundit Paul Krugman is not convinced.

Unfortunately, there have been false starts before. Ronald Reagan’s election seemed the harbinger of a new freedom wave. His rhetoric was great, but actual accomplishments lagged far behind. Taxes were lower, but when he left office government looked pretty much the same as it did when he was sworn in, only bigger.

So, too, with the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress. As before, there was a tendency to confuse partisanship with philosophy. Admittedly, members of the GOP tend to toss around such phrases as “individual liberty” and “limited government.” However, their behavior in office looked little different from that of many Democrats. Like the Reagan Revolution, the Gingrich Revolution also sputtered out.

Since then there’s been even less to celebrate in America, at least. George W. Bush was an avid proponent of “compassionate,” big-government conservatism. Outlays rose faster during his administration than they had during Bill Clinton’s. No one did more to bail out business and enrich corporate America than Bush, the architect of the big-spending response to the 2008 financial crisis.

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         Has the ‘Libertarian Moment’ Finally Arrived? –

Gillespie acknowledged that the answer remained unclear. “I think that if a major-party candidate articulates 75 percent of the catechism,” he said, “both self-identified libertarians and people who don’t realize they’re libertarians would vote for him.” But then again, he said, it might take “a hundred years or something” for his movement to find its true expression in a political party. “We’ve gone from a movement that didn’t exist, then we all believe in this roughly similar thing, then we have a dalliance with the G.O.P., then we realize, no, we’re totally separate. And then we find out, no, we really need to activate politically in a conventional two-party system,” he said, his tone betraying little concern for the pace of this process. “And it may be we’re still some years away from that. I don’t know.”

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