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H. L. Mencken famously said that “every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.” By now, however, I am no longer ashamed, because I do not identify with the government under which I live. Rather, I view it as a criminal organization that without provocation has chosen to make war on my just rights—not only mine, of course, but everyone’s.
===Neither Liberty nor Safety: Fear, Ideology, and the Growth of Government (Independent Studies in Political Economy) (Robert Higgs)

The Lords of Creation, written by longtime Harper’s Magazine editor Frederick Lewis Allen. First published in 1935, the account chronicles the vast expansion of corporations and finance in the United States between the 1890s and the 1930s and analyzes the people and practices spanning that period of epic boom and bust.

—Gretchen Morgenson, Introduction Lords of Creation

One need not accept in toto the economic theory of history to recognize that in our recent American history the economic thread has become a rope to which almost everything else in our lives appears to be attached. I do not believe that anybody can understand how the United States reached its present predicament without some sort of understanding of the economic processes, and particularly the almost revolutionary financial processes, which were at work during the great age of financial expansion. In a very real sense, this story is the story of forces which dictated the terms of American life yesterday and today. The theme is important also because of the pervasive social influence—in the broadest sense—of the financial and industrial leaders; for they largely constituted our American upper class, and their standards and ideas tended to permeate the whole population.

==The Lords of Creation (Forbidden Bookshelf) (Frederick Lewis Allen)–1935

Dear President Obama,

For nearly TIMEcover-Obama-224x300six years, now, you have declared your intention and desire of being my Nanny-in-Chief. Your original campaign slogan of “Hope and Change” was really a promise of
“Control and Command.” Well, Mr. President, I have a request: Mind your own business.

Let me start out with some simple questions. How do you know what is right and good for me? Have we ever met? Do you know anything about me as a real, living distinct individual? Have you the slightest idea about the goals and purposes, and hopes and dreams I’ve had about my life? What do you know about the experiences I’ve had or the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years as the guides and tools for deciding what I consider best for my family and me?

The answers to these questions and countless others like them are: You don’t know a damn thing.  Yet you have proposed, implemented and enforced legislation and regulations that imply that you possess the knowledge, wisdom and, most importantly, the right to tell me how I should live, work, and act.

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Monday’s are tough enough for me, even though all I do over the weekends these days is read on my Kindle and search the web for signs of intelligence. So it should not come as such a shock for me that, when reviewing the weekend highlights, it generates a feeling of hopelessness and despair. I have recently felt overwhelmed with the planned chaos that the end of the American Empire and the destruction of all of the once supporting myths and memes of this  great nation, intentionally accelerated by Obama and his odious, but powerful and ubiquitous minions; the followers as well as the puppet masters that are pulling the strings on his limp actors hands, the powers that sit behind the stage of the theatre of the absurd that has become America. 

I see no exit, at least without a social and political upheaval that very well could be the end of this nation, at least as it is now geographically comprised. America stopped being a Republic many, many years ago. We stopped being a democracy with the post World War Two concerted and successful destruction of civic society and the tightening rule of a fascist power elite determined to reshape the American from the rugged individualism and self-responsible, independence described by insightful observers from de Tocqueville to Rudyard Kipling into the docile, lobotomized, entertainment addicted, government dependent herd that we have now become.

The only way we can end the monstrous Leviathan that is eating our freedoms far faster than most of us can remotely imagine, devouring them in its voracious, centralizing gaping maw, is to return to our nation’s earliest roots. We must end the powers of the centralized, national “federal” government and return the power to govern back to each individual state.  From the very founding under the Constitution, devised by the monied interests led by Hamilton, America was destined to be ruled by a powerful elite of corporate, financial and monied interests that, subsequent to the inclusion of the military industrial interests after WWll has become total and irreversibly complete. Irreversible, unless we totally change the dynamics of the power structure very, very soon. 

We will either return to a union of independent states, operating under something more akin to the Articles of Confederation or we will pull ourselves asunder and by the end of this century, America as one nation will be no more. The land, now increasingly loosely defined by our national borders, will be comprised of a number of independent and sovereign states operating under different socioeconomic models with a wide spectrum of levels of freedoms. America will become violently Balkanized. The alternative, is that America continues on its present course and becomes a truly totalitarian war state with its citizens all living, if one can call it that, under the boot heels of the absolute tyranny of a total surveillance police state.

The choice, unsettling as it sounds, is up to each of you.

Schools Plan to Lighten Up on Bake Sales – WSJMichelleLunch

At Chapman School in Nebraska, resourceful students hawk pizza and cookie dough to raise money for school supplies, field trips and an eighth-grade excursion to Washington. michelle-obama-marie-antoinetteThey peddle chocolate bars to help fund the yearbook.

But the sales won’t be so sweet starting this fall. Campus bake sales—a mainstay of school fundraisers—are going on a diet. A federal law that aims to curb childhood obesity means that, in dozens of states, bake sales must adhere to nutrition requirements that could replace cupcakes and brownies with fruit cups and granola bars.

Jeff Ellsworth, principal of the kindergarten through eighth-grade school in Chapman, Neb., isn’t quite sure how to break the news to the kids. “The chocolate bars are a big seller,” said Mr. Ellsworth.

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