Muslims in Pakistan Take Young Christian Girl And Smash Her Against Rocks |( warning, rather brutal)

Multiculturalism is total BS designed to degrade higher cultures and more empathetic and forgiving religions down to the lowest common denominator. It is a philosophy of debasement utilized as a control mechanism by the elites. For in the absence of the absolute in Western cultures, we are nothing but malleable minds easily driven to subservience to the State. The obvious desired goal. It is, however, a very dangerous game. The enemies of our civilization remain as dedicated to concepts of the absolute as they did during the time of their prophet almost 1,400 years ago. We are setting civilization up to be devoured, a risk that seems acceptable to the shortsighted few who rule. But evil will not win the day, we cannot let it.

If the behavior described below and that of the servants of the IS Caliphate and many Muslims throughout the world today, cannot be classified as pure evil, then perhaps we should raise up the great debauched murderers of our civilization of years past to Sainthood? The problem, of course with this sentiment is obvious to those who have actually lifted up the rocks of our own past..we have done the same to natives of this land once and really not that long ago, and more recently supported and condoned those who acted under our covert guidance in Latin America, where there is overwhelming evidence of similar atrocities being committed. It is not unlikely that we have not progressed far from these recent episodes either.

But evil is evil, and the best way to deal with it is to end it where we can–in our nations own conduct. I am reminded of the Serenity Prayer, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things I can.” America has an enormous task ahead just cleaning out our own house. I am not remotely sure that we have the strength and courage left to take on this task, but if we can, then when we are called up to battle the clearly more pervasive evil of radical Islam, a battle which is inevitable, we can carry the cross of justice and righteousness high and we will win.

The most egregious source of American evil has been pulsating from our nations capital for many, many years now, but has been truly working overtime over the past 14 years and at an increasing beat. Only the people can clean that house and it is also inevitable as well that we shall do so. The question is simply when and at what cost?

Muslims in Pakistan took a young Christian girl and smashed her against some rocks, and she died right in front of her father, Akram Masih. Her and her father and mother, Parveen Bibi, were slaves to a Muslim brick kiln, and they were constantly beaten and cruelly abused by their slaver owners. The Christian girl was terribly ill and her parents begged their slave owners to loan them some money to pay for her treatment, but instead they murdered her before the father’s eyes. The daughter was very ill, and her brutal murder was recounted by her father who said:

They pushed her as well and she fell down on the nearby stones and she died on the spot. My daughter died in front of my eyes, they pushed my sick daughter, which led her to her death and I was helpless and was unable to do anything.

Her parents came to our organization, Rescue Christians, and told us of all their sufferings and how their daughter was killed, and our team in Pakistan rescued them by taking them to a safe house. As the father said:

About 10 days ago we met with team members of Rescue Christians. They came to us and we shared our entire situation with them. They promised us that they will surely help us. The RC team gave us the plan and during the night they managed our escape, and brought us to a safe place.

Rescue Christians conducted an interview with the mother and the father, and we encourage you to hear their horrifying story of slavery, persecution, and heartless murder:

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Christian beliefs put student in danger of expulsion

A senior at Cascade High School in Everett, Washington, is in danger of being expelled because of his Christian beliefs and his conviction that it’s his responsibility to share them with others.

The Pacific Justice Institute, which has gone to court seeking protection for student Michael Leal, says it’s fighting the district’s “egregious” speech restrictions in its lawsuit against the Everett School District.

Leal has been suspended and threatened with expulsion for communicating about his faith with other students through printed tracts and his own testimony.

School officials have claimed that Leal’s tracts, such as one called “How to Know God,” and other Christian messages, may be offensive.

PJI attorneys said they were shocked to discover that the school allows students to distribute “literature” to other students only at the school entrances and exits before and after school, and the literature must be written by a student.

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