NATO’s Nazis: Ethnic Cleansing Their Opposition in East Ukraine

Russia does not want to play our game, roll over and accept the American directed New World Order. Nationalism is unacceptable to those seeking one unified socioeconomic and geopolitical system. What we have unfolding is a combination of various ploys, primarily because creating accepted propaganda induced consensus among the masses, no matter how stupid and docile we may be has become a tad more difficult than in years past. That is why the “system” demands control over the internet and alternative media. Until then we have to suffer the idiocy of the egregious lies and false flag events that pour out like raw sewage from the Ministries of Truth. All under the tutelage of Washington. 

MH17–where is the evidence? Putin responding to the CIA’s blatant support of Neo-Nazi armies in the Ukraine (Gladio?), the Japanese-FDR style economic strangulation and the increase of American and NATO troops and our most sophisticated technologies and warplanes strategically placed in the former satellite nations of the Soviet Union, strategically placed to antagonize. Poking the Russian bear is generating the response the American Empire needs to keep the war drums pounding in the capitols of our vassal states. The playbook is a combination of prior events, from the Maine and Lusitania-i.e MH17, to popping our submarines into the territorial waters of Imperial Japan and then squeezing them with coordinated retractions of all former oil sources. Who is the enemy? 

Clock is ticking to arm Ukraine: Column USA Today

download (28)Welcome to the Ukraine war, round two. In recent days, European observers, NATO forces and media outlets have all reported what amounts to a massive influx of Russian war material and personnel into Ukraine — a development that has fanned fears of a fresh cycle of violence between Moscow and Kiev. The news is a timely reminder that the conflict precipitated earlier this year by Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula and subsequent efforts at subversion in eastern and southern Ukraine is, in fact, far from over.

Ukrainian politicians visiting Washington in recent days tell an even starker story. According to them, the infiltration of Russian forces into Ukrainian territory is already exceedingly mature, with fully three-quarters of the estimated 20,000 thousand partisans aligned with the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” and “Luhansk People’s Republic” actually of Russian nationality. Russia is also said to have forward deployed significant military assets — including as many as 400 tanks and 200 armored personnel carriers — in the separatist enclaves, where they can be mobilized rapidly for guerrilla warfare against the Ukrainian army.

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NATO’s Nazis: Ethnic Cleansing Their Opposition in East Ukraine

Nearly one year on from the US-backed faux ‘colour revolution’ in Maidan Square, the Ukraine has been violently ripped into pieces by the new CIA-backed government in Kiev.

What began with pro-EU colour mobs and far right-wing neo-Nazi gangs in Kiev, has escalated to ethnic cleansing in the eastern half of the country. The horrors are unspeakable, as detailed in the report below (with video). NATO, led by the US and Britain, are actively backing Kiev’s military brutal campaign of collective punishment and ethnic cleansing against Russian-speaking people in the east of that country.

Ironically (and rather disingenuously), US talking heads, media parrots and politicians in Washington – are still recycling their worn-out sound bites: “Russia is invading the Ukraine”, “Moscow is responsible for the destabilization of the Ukraine”, and it goes on.

Military industrial lobbyists like US State Dept. Euro Secretary Victoria Nuland, and US Senator John McCain have played a key role in the Kiev’s Nazi renaissance from the beginning – a new low point in international racketeering…

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Bret Stephens’ Call for Robust U.S. Foreign Policy | RealClearPolitics

The disarray of American foreign policy has perilous consequences that are global in reach.

A brief glance reveals numerous setbacks. President Obama’s half-hearted surge in Afghanistan permitted the Taliban to regroup. His vaunted “reset” with Russia did not prevent Russian President Vladimir Putin from seizing the Crimean Peninsula and marching into Eastern Ukraine. It might have encouraged him. Obama’s high-profile pivot to Asia, carried out by means of ambivalent gestures and toothless diplomacy, has left both an increasingly defiant China and nervous regional rivals baffled about American intentions.

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Right Sector Neo-Nazis and the Practice of Slavery in Ukraine. “Kiev Officially Introduces Slavery, with Vague Terms”

On September 26th, I headlined “Ukraine Government Officially Introduces Slavery, with Vague Terms,” and I wondered when and where the reports of the consequences of this new law (by a newly installed U.S.-ally government, no less) would be published. An answer to that question is finally starting to appear.

On October 30th was published at

“The Right Sector Reign of Terror over Ukrainian Villages.”

The motto of this site, Fort Russ, is, “Read What Russians Read.”

My original news-report, the one about the new law, was based on a press release from the Ukrainian Ministry of Social Policy (about which that Russian article regarding what are actually the consequences of this new law says nothing, not even mentioning the law).

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At the APEC Summit in Beijing,  Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott who is hosting this week’s G20 meetings in Brisbane, intimated in no uncertain terms, during a 15 minute encounter with Russian President Vladimir Putin, that Moscow was responsible for the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine. 

During the meeting, Mr Abbott is reported to have stated that “Russia had armed the rebels who shot down the aircraft and killed 38 Australians.”  Mr Abbott said that  “MH17 was destroyed by a missile from a launcher that had come out of Russia, was fired from inside Eastern Ukraine and then returned to Russia… [and that this] was a very serious matter.”

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