NEA ‘attack’ on homeschoolers blasted as ‘outrageous’

Its product is apparently an, educational curriculum designed to indoctrinate the American student from matriculation (admit someone as a student) to the consummation of his education . It contrasts sharply with the freedom of the individual as the cornerstone of our social structure.

For this freedom, it seems to substitute the group, the will of the majority, and a centralized power to enforce this will, presumably in the interest of all. It’s development and production seems to have been largely the work of those organizations engaged in research, such as the Social Science Research Council and the National Research Council . The demand for their product seems to come from such strong and sizable aggregations of interests as the National Education Association and the American Council on Education, whose authorities seem to see in it the means by which education can render a national service . They make frequent reference to this service as synonymous with “the cause of education” and tend to criticize strongly anyone who dares to doubt the validity of their conclusions. Its promotion appears to have been managed by such organizations as the government from the federal to the local counties and towns; This Is Unconstitutional And Extremely Dangerous To Our American Way Of Life), each of which has, played some part in adjusting the minds of American citizens to the idea of planning and to the marked changes which have taken place in “the public interest”

It is interesting to note that, by legislative action recently, another entity has been brought into being known as the National Science Foundation, whose purpose is to develop a national policy with respect to science . It’s additional purpose is to serve our Government in an advisory capacity in connection with the huge appropriations now being made for research in the interest of effective controls . Evidence exists of close cooperation between privately endowed Foundations, the agencies through which they have operated and the educational institutions through which they have been accustomed to make grants for research. This process may contribute to an undesirable degree of concentrated power.

==United States House Select Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations and Comparable Organizations

t_shirt_graphic__star_trek___resistance_is_futile_by_jessicacasciotta88-d6g8oonWhy is there a black underclass in America? Why, after more than 150 years of freedom from slavery and with the benefits of compulsory, universal education, do we find in every large American city thousands of blacks who live in poverty, are functionally illiterate, and are engaged in drug trafficking, gang violence, and crime? Why does a phenomenon such as an “underclass” exist in today’s technologically advanced America with so many people living without hope in this land of opportunity? Wasn’t universal education supposed to lift up the African-American to the same standard of economic prosperity as the white? Theoretically, that is what should have happened. But it didn’t. Why?

Census statistics on illiteracy provide some clues. In 1890 illiteracy among African-Americans over the age of ten was 57.1 percent. In 1900 it was 44.5 percent. In 1910 it was 30.4 percent. And by 1920 it was down to 22.9 percent. Among white Americans only 2 percent were found to be illiterate.

According to the 1920 census, the percentage of illiterates among African-Americans ranged from 38.5 percent in Louisiana to 2.9 percent in New York. The 1930 census showed an even greater improvement in literacy among African-Americans. In 1930, illiteracy among African-Americans in the urban population was 9.2 percent; in the rural population, 23.2 percent; in the rural nonfarm population, 20.5 percent. That same 1930 census revealed that 4,283,753 of a total population of 122,774,046 Americans, or less than 4 percent, were considered illiterate. But if we fast-forward sixty-three years to 1993, we find a US government report revealing that 90 million American adults can barely read or write! Indeed, it is estimated that 50 percent of African-Americans today are functionally illiterate!

What happened in the interim to produce this literacy catastrophe? Two things:

(1) The progressives adopted the racial policies of the eugenics movement, which declared African-Americans racially inferior and relegated them to a nonacademic, manual education. And

(2) the progressives denigrated high individualistic literacy created by intensive phonics in favor of collectivist social goals.

==Crimes of the Educators (Blumenfeld, Samuel)

There will be no education but that delivered by the State and its collectivist educational minions. Resistance is futile.

The National Education Association has launched an attack on the practice of homeschooling, and one leading education expert is not taking it lying down.“The National Education Association’s radical attacks on constitutionally protected liberties and homeschooling families in particular are outrageous and should be vehemently denounced by every real educator and every real American,” internationalist journalist and educator Alex Newman declared.The NEA’s 2014-2015 resolution on homeschooling begins like this:

“The National Education Association believes that home schooling programs based on parental choice cannot provide the student with a comprehensive education experience.”

Freelance writer Patrice Lewis, who homeschools her children, seethed at that line.“Who has the authority to define ‘comprehensive?’” Lewis asked. “The NEA? Why should they be the ones to define comprehensive and not the parents? Each family may define a ‘comprehensive’ education differently, and each parent should have the right to choose how they want their children educated.“‘Comprehensive’ as defined by a far-left progressive agenda-driven union and special interest-supported legislators and bureaucrats is almost guaranteed to fly in the face of the morals, values and traditions of parents who don’t have similarly leftwing progressive agenda-driven views.

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Source: NEA ‘attack’ on homeschoolers blasted as ‘outrageous’

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The fundamental political conflict in America today is, as it has been for a century, individualism vs. collectivism. Does the individual’s life belong to him—or does it belong to the group, the community, society, or the state? With government expanding ever more rapidly—seizing and spending more and more of our money on “entitlement” programs and corporate bailouts, and intruding on our businesses and lives in increasingly onerous ways—the need for clarity on this issue has never been greater. Let us begin by defining the terms at hand.

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