New Jersey School District Produces Just 19 Students With College-Ready SAT Scores | Jonathan Turley

God awful numbers. Typical liberal response! Greater commitment, means more money, more bureaucracy and central government tyranny, for who knows better how to educate America’s children but the federal government? 

We already spend more money per capita than other nations, we already have spent hundreds of billions on educational “reform”, what the hell is the absurdist, bureaucratic garbage called “Common Core” all about? Reagan, tried, at least sort of, to end the bloated and useless Department of Education and that was over thirty years ago! Bring back state and local community governance and end the sclerotic, institutionalization of all things educational and free the people to seek the best possible solutions for educating their children, this is the only solution to this disaster of a system we call our central government directed public schools.  

There is a truly alarming report out of Paterson, New Jersey that captures how far our educational system has declined. Only 19 kids in this large school district have SAT score that are considered appropriate for college. That means that less than a dozen score at least 1500 out of 2400 on the standardized test. This year, the average score was just 1,200. While meetings are held at the White House and across the country on Ferguson, I continue to believe that the greatest reform to benefit all races would be a greater commitment to our public schools. Too many families are trapped in a cycle of poverty with no real opportunities while our workforce becomes less and less competitive in the new economy.

The Patterson School District has 29,400 students in preschool to grade 12. On the high school level, only 19 of the 600 students reviewed were “college ready” – just three percent.”. That represents a decrease from last year when average score obtained by a student in the area was just 1,200. It is a decrease from the 26 (4.2 per cent) last year.

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