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This a very ugly story in an increasingly ugly America, an America without morality adrift in a turbulent sea of progressive, de-constructivist politically correct and ethically surreal relativity where there are no truths, no absolutes and nothing but self-destructive nihilism. For many years I have felt that the collapse of America result in our world consumed in chaos and order in a dangerous, screaming combination of the future portrayed three great dystopian novels, 1984, Brave New World and A Clockwork Orange. 

Screenshot-2014-08-20-20-08-58The order is driven by the total surveillance state and the jackboots of the police and the “Homeland” Security armies on our necks, the complacent, the docility and dumbed down ignorance directed by the corporatist, media and government fascism of our totally manipulated and manufactured drug enhanced “reality” and of course the chaos is driven by the complete breakdown of all moral, ethical and religious constraints, where anyone not living behind the walls of the gated communities of estates protected by private armies will be fair game for the animals we have fostered. There is absolutely no way to change this future, unless there is a revolution by those that still hold dear the principles that this nation was founded upon. We have become that which we have falsely claimed to seek to destroy. We have become the evil empire.

It was just after dark when Michael Martin, 56, was walking back to his home in New Orleans’ Marigny neighborhood, after helping a friend move. At the time, Martin was caring for his dementia-ridden mother, and was anxious to get home, as his long-time partner, Eric Webb, was the only person there with her.

“I really was walking through a neighborhood that I don’t think the people who live there walk through at night,” Martin said.

As he approached an interstate overpass, the division between St. Roch and his Marigny neighborhood, Martin heard laughter from a group of children, no older than 13 he believed. It was summer after all, and while dark, he didn’t think much of the roving group of middle schoolers, until he was struck from behind.

He was then thrown to the ground as the children kicked and slammed fists into Martin’s head and chest. Eventually, he was straddled by one of the kids and choked out until he fell unconscious.

While Martin is wary of calling the assault a hate crime, he does feel the rapid gentrification happening, in both the St. Roch and Marigny neighborhoods, could have something to do with his beating.

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