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truth_propaganda_and_media_manipulation-301088If anyone out there still watches Megyn Kelly because you think the Fox “news” channel is conservative or leans to the right, please reconsider your opinion. Rupert Murdoch and Fox are as deeply embedded far up the ruling globalist establishment elites rear end as any other of the mainstream media corporate broadcasters. They present themselves as the conservative alternative the same way that the Republican Party traditionally has positioned themselves against the Democrats.

Despite having a number of truly conservative hosts there are the Megyn Kelly’s and others who either directly attack Trump and the true anti-establishment leaders or slip in subtle memes with language designed to sow doubts in the minds of their viewers. This is what sophisticated propaganda is designed to do, it’s what it is all about as it would not be effective if we knew it was all control mechanisms.

When it comes down to the wire on issues like war, NATO and the key elements of the transnational elites cult of globalist One World domination, Fox will support their cause against the American people as willingly as MSNBC or CNN. Murdoch is as beholding to the powers that be as any major corporate CEO, in his case, he is very likely fairly high up the hierarchy of the elite power structure anyway. It is all an illusion of choice to placate the masses.    

This is terrific…stop watching this annoying puppet.

Megyn Kelly’s ‘too-cute-by-half‘ snarky and condescending schtick finally brought Newt Gingrich to the point where he gives it back to her.  It is remarkable it took this long before someone finally called her out:

Ms. Kelly’s world is, and has been, crumbling for well over a year.   Her life’s “professional mentor and personal role model” (her words), Roger Ailes, exited Fox News under a cloud of sexual impropriety.  Given the backdrop of her pearl clutching protestations to Newt Gingrich, there’s a profound irony.. 

After a long run of serious relationship trouble due to her daddy issues (father died when she was 16 – affair with Brit Hume etc…), her current personal life is once again a shambles; and that’s despite her metrosexual subservient husband trying to fill the unfulfillable void.

Her TV ratings are on a downward spiral, and Kelly’s contract is soon to expire.  Which is the worst scenario for renegotiation.   More unavoidable “dependency”.

Fox owner Rupert Murdoch gave Kelly (via Harper Collins) a $6 million advance on a book deal as payment for services against Trump last year.   A book that comes out in two weeks and everyone knows no-one will read it.   A looming failure so certain it will surely highlight the real motive for the payment.

And now, to make matters infinitely worse, the primary recipient of her hostile projected insecurity is about to become President of the United States…..

You just gotta laugh.

megyn kelly faces of meth

. because everyone who knows the entirety of the back story can clearly see where she’s headed:

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ps. I think part of what pushed Newt to the breaking point with Murdoch’s Little Princess, was he was watching this interview with Mike Pence while waiting to appear:

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