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Partially free ends up in slavery–it is inevitable. Once a government is allowed to use its coercive powers to take from the people their income, labor, property and more importantly their lives and those of their children, which it serves up as fodder but does not serve, enslavement and tyranny are absolutely inevitable. The idea that special restraints and civic duties of an enlightened leadership will prevent this outcome is pure hubris and in the long run a delusion bordering on sin.  

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The police use of excessive force in the incidents that resulted in the deaths of minority youth over the past months pales in comparison to the taking of the many thousands of innocent American lives in bloody government induced wars, let alone the millions murdered on foreign soil. Far more minorities have died over the past fifty years fighting totally unnecessary battles in wars than have lost their lives at the hands of the militarized police of this nation–but where has that outrage been?  That should be obvious. The power elite and the media that support it can successfully channel and limit anger, frustration and incidental outrage without imperiling the core foundations of the war state and massive wealth that is derived from it.

Flail away, become spent, create the expected “civilized” backlash and have the issues die in the committee rooms of the political class and press rooms of the media who will find a new crisis to grab the peoples attentions before long. The important, real issues will not ever be addressed, not until there is truly a revolutionary fever–we are not remotely close to that, yet.

Terrific peace from Jacob Hornberger, founder of the Future of Freedom Foundation.

There is one way — and only one way — to achieve the free society: by strictly hewing to libertarian principles.

While compromising libertarian principles might seem to be a more palatable and more practical way to achieve freedom, nothing could be further from the truth.

In response to our end-of-year letter seeking people’s financial support for The Future of Freedom Foundation, a person wrote me and told me that he has no reservations whatsoever about compromising libertarian principles and embracing reform measures. He told me, therefore, that he had no intention of donating to The Future of Freedom Foundation.

My response to him was very simple: If it is reform of the welfare-warfare state that you want for your life, then go for it. But just don’t pretend that by supporting reform, you are achieving the free society. After all, if all that you’re fighting for is reform, then the most you’re going to get is reform.

The only way to actually achieve the free society is through the methodology embraced by FFF — that is, by rejecting compromise and reform and calling for a dismantling of the welfare-warfare state apparatus that is infringing on freedom.

Are Americans free under a welfare-warfare state way of life?

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