No One Can Stop Her… And She Knows It: “This Election Won’t Be Fair”

Crises must be prepared for not only politically and economically, but also psychologically. Here propaganda has its place. It must prepare the way actively and educationally. Its task is to prepare the way for practical actions. It must follow these actions step by step, never losing sight of them. In a manner of speaking, it provides the background music.

Such propaganda in the end miraculously makes the unpopular popular, enabling even a government’s most difficult decisions to secure the resolute support of the people. A government that uses it properly can do what is necessary without running the risk of losing the masses.

Propaganda is therefore a necessary life function of the modern state.

==Goebbels on the Power of Propaganda (Goebbels, Joseph)

Chaos and corruption in America and the world are rapidly coming to a boiling point. There is a battle raging between the transnational globalist technocrats and power elites that wish to run the world; a world devoid of nations, patriotism and unique cultural heritages and those who know full well that this would be a world also devoid of democracy, individual rights and freedoms; one ruled by self-appointed rulers existing beyond law and morality.

1-9It is a battle that humanity is likely to lose. Likely, because the forces arrayed against the rule of law and national community are evil, corrupt or simply willfully blind and indoctrinated in the memes that the elites have propagated throughout America and Europe designed to create a PC, multi-cultural and homogenous human society that spans the globe. A world filled with docile consumers increasingly relegated to the status of state fed Proles of 1984. However, unlike the greater freedoms given to those relegated to the proletarian class, the boot heels of the total surveillance police state will far only on them, while the rich, powerful and global elites that dominate the world Administrative State will live free of morality, free of law and any democratic constraints.

They will never give up their privileges. Never. Clinton will likely win by fraud, by propaganda and the extraordinary lies the flow from the mouth of Hillary Clinton like a pig with dysentery. With the support of the media, the corporate titans, the hedge funds, the bureaucratic sycophants and toadies, and the massive percentage of the population that has already succumbed to the status of proletarians sucking off the teet of government for their existence, what chance would even the greatest, most respected anti-establishment, anti-globalist candidate ever have? 

Hillary Clinton Hitler

In a fair election, my best estimate is that Donald Trump would win in a landslide.

But this election will not be fair. In fact, few of them are.

For Trump’s part, there is no doubt that he has been this year’s sensation. A newcomer to politics, he has thrown out all the conventional rules, played by his own, and found a captivated country hanging onto his every word. Love him, hate him, or somewhere in between… no one can look away from the spectacle.

After a war within the party and the convenient disposal of 16 conventional GOP contenders, Trump is now the official Republican candidate and he is in a strong position. Coming out of the relatively calm Republican National Convention and going into the tumultuous DNC, Trump has enjoyed soaring poll numbers while Hillary has been losing ground fast to the scandals and corruption revealed by Wikileaks and other related mouthpieces.

But the fat lady has not sung.

Hijacking the Party, Keeping Dissent Under Wraps

Hillary’s coronation last night as she formally accepted her party’s nomination could hardly have been more forced. The entire Democratic convention has been staged managed to downplay the overwhelming noise from Bernie supporter who are outraged and feel betrayed by Hillary.

The entire convention has had a certain air to it, a quality that reveals the desperation for power, and the crisp sense of danger that brings with it.

No One Can Stop Her… And She Knows It: “This Election Won’t Be Fair”